Cool Cover Page Examples for College Porfolios

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Cool Cover Page Examples for College Porfolios

When you submit your college portfolio, you may also be required to submit a cover page. It is similar to a book cover in that it prepares the reader for what lies inside. The cover page must provide a demonstration of your skills and a glimpse of what to expect in your art.

On your cover page you should be as creative and ingenious as possible. If you are having problems designing your own cover page from scratch, let the examples below inspire you and get you started.

DISCLAIMER: The images featured below do not belong to They are used for design inspiration purposes only. Click on an image to view its source.

Portfolio Cover page(Source)


Portfolio: Title Page(Source)

My Portfolio-Cover Page Design(Source)

Portfolio Cover Page(Source)

calarts 2010 portfolio(Source)

portfolio coverpage: authored by Niki Ling(Source)

portfolio preview(Source)


Every cover page example featured above is a reflection of the artist’s true self. If you wish to showcase your artistic abilities, then you may want advice from a professional artist who can show you how to channel your potential through your college portfolios. Karen Kesteloot, owner of, will teach you how to make an art portfolio for college by providing her expert opinion on your cover page and the overall content and presentation of your portfolio.

If you’re unsure of going for her coaching packages, you can try her services at no risk by requesting for a FREE portfolio assessment. Click here or on the banner below to learn about it.

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