Making an Artistic Impact – The Creative Inspiration Process in Building Your Art Portfolio

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Quick – what’s the number one weakness that you have as a student in building your art portfolio?

Thinking - Building Your Art Portfolio

Thinking is the fuel of creativity and inspiration. You will need to do this more often if you want to come up with great design and artworks for your portfolio. (Via Flickr.

The major downfall of many student portfolios is the lack of original thinking. In an industry filled with creative people, what separates the best from the rest is the former’s ability to stand out amongst their peers. Professors are evaluating the quality of the applicant’s ideas not just their skills, even more so in the design professions than in the art disciplines.

As future professional artists and designers, you will be able to rise above your competitors and make an impact in your industry by displaying your unique and original ideas. Originality starts now as a student applicant in your portfolio; without unique ideas you will not get into the best arts colleges, no matter how skilled you are.

Showcase your ideas and your creative process so that you can get accepted into the best program possible that will teach you how to cultivate your skills and creative thinking so that you have a profitable and sustainable career.

But what do the best college art programs look for in successful candidates?

The best colleges are looking for students who can think outside the box – in other words, original and enticing ideas.

College professors constantly search for prodigies that they can hone into inspired industry innovators of the next generation. Their mandate is to graduate students who will sustain the reputation they have built over the years. It serves them well to graduate brilliant creators and contributors to their profession that can bring them further notoriety in their field.

After you graduate, you will not have only learned things you need to do to thrieve as an artist, but you will also have done your school a service by gracing them with your ideas and creativity.

How Can You Grab Their Attention?

Aside from showing off your ingenuity through your art portfolio, you must show your general competence and fluency in the arts.

By displaying that every aspect in your artwork is deliberate – from the choice of medium to the stroke of a brush or shade of your pen, you show that you have complete control over your ideas and know how to channel them creatively and artistically.

The Greatest Challenge in Building Your Art Portfolio

Most high school students are greatly challenged to be able to think originally for themselves.The creative inspiration process eludes them. Here is how you can learn to be inspired and think outside of your box…and make a fantastic winning portfolio!

Note: This guide won’t spell out what you should do step by step —it is up to you to challenge yourself by finding the right solutions. It is common for first year college students to feel quite confounded by the sudden freedom of thought required in university. Preparing for this starts now in the art portfolio preparation process.

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