No Nude Models? No Worries! 6 Alternative Life-Drawing Resources for Art Students

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No Nude Models No Worries Alternative Life-Drawing Resources for Art Students

Strong life drawing skills are an important component in an entry portfolio, particularly in programs such as animation, illustration and fine art.

The challenge in developing your skills is the absence of live figure models – it is simply difficult to find models or persuade people you know to pose nude for you.

Luckily for you, below are six of the best websites that offer life drawing resources. Check them out to strengthen your art portfolio and increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice.

PIXELovely Web Design & Development

This site’s page, Tools for Self-Educating Artists, is designed to help guide students to learn life drawing in the comfort of their own home. The program lets students choose between human and animal anatomy as their models. The chosen model can appear in slide show with set times for each slide or in a class, which includes warm-up drawing exercises before going on to half-hour drawings.

Figure Drawing Online

Life Drawing Resources - Figure Drawing Online

Robert Stoller is an artist from Central Europe who offers his knowledge and skills to viewers through life drawing resources. Figure Drawing Online features his tutorial videos on how to draw each part of the human body such as the pelvis, knee and shoulders. The site also showcases his gallery with samples of his work for visitors to study his personal and intimate style.

This site targets artists with an interest in life drawing, regardless of their skill level. The blog posts and podcasts are meant to provide life drawing resources to beginners. The posts contain advice from professional artists as well as personal histories of students who are learning the craft. The topics include quick drawing, use of colors in your life drawings, and ways to learn and improve your skills.

Below is a podcast of artist Mayko Fry and son Kenzo about the importance of life drawing is an important discipline in the arts.

Online Life Drawing

O.L.D. is the place where well-reputed art schools such as International Academy of Design & Technology and London Art College get their images of life-drawing models. The great thing about these images is that they can be turned 360° to get any angle that you are looking for. You can also choose from their wide selection of life-drawing models if you become a paid member.


Life Drawing Resources - DrawSpace

Arguably the most comprehensive collection of free downloadable life drawing resources and tutorials on the web (over 200), Drawspace aims to keep students busy by teaching the beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques involved in this type of art. Professional artists can share their knowledge and help people to improve their skills by uploading their own life drawing resources. Best of all, Drawspace is a continuously growing community that welcomes people who want to learn the fine art of life drawing, no payments necessary!


Conte Still Life

Conte Still Life (Photo credit: somesatellite)

If you are having trouble finding the help you need, you can arrange a webcam call with PortPrep’s head instructor Karen Kesteloot to learn a few life-drawing tips that will give you the edge in preparing your portfolio. She is a master of conté.

Karen is a figurative painter and has taught life drawing at Sheridan college as well as at other independent art schools. Karen says she learned how to work with conté crayon from two of her favorite art teachers, Hana Trefelt of Toronto Canada and Hana Bendov or Paris France. When held and utilized properly, conté has the unique ability to create a myriad of constantly changing line widths and qualities—just with a slight change of angle or pressure. It is a must for any illustrator or animator to master this wonderfully robust and malleable medium.

Below is a video of Karen drawing a paper bag using conté crayon.

If you are interested in trying out Karen’s coaching services at PortPrep, click on the banner below to get your FREE PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENT!

Portfolio assessment banner

Additional resources:

  • Life drawing requires you to learn the basics of hand drawing. If you think your hand drawing skills need more improvement, read our entry “Hand Drawing Basics: A Quick Look” where we discuss the three important skills you need to learn in hand drawing.
  • While figure drawing is related to life drawing, we should also refer you to a guest post written by Kenzo Froy of titled “The Fundamentals of Figure Drawings for Your Art Portfolio.”
Do you know other life drawing resources online for students to use and improve their skills on? Share them by commenting below!
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