Boost Your Art Portfolio – Attend the Architecture Summer Camp at Pennsylvania State University

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Boost Your Art Portfolio - Attend the Architecture Summer Camp at Pennsylvania State University

We’ve discussed the various online art courses that you, as students passionate in the arts, should take to create artworks and build your portfolio.

While we recommend that you take as many courses as possible over the summer to help prepare you for college in the fall or to build your portfolio to apply to a program next year, we also recommend that you choose the course that’s most appropriate to your field of interest. It’s also a great way to take your chosen field of study for a test drive to ensure that it is the right career choice for you.

If you plan on becoming an architect in the future, it all starts with learning the basic architectural concepts that will help you create high-quality designs fit to be included in your portfolio. Such will be the advantage provided to students who go to the Architectural Summer Camp at Pennsylvania State University.

Start Date: July 14–18 — Camp 1, July 21–25 — Camp 2
Cost: $995US

What you will learn from this architecture summer camp

With the help of the faculty, alumni, and undergraduates in the Stuckeman School of Architecture program at Penn State U, the 5-day Architecture Summer Camp aims to give students a taste of what to expect once they begin studying architecture in college.

Architecture Summer Camp - Fallingwater

A photo of Fallingwater in Pennsylvania (image from Flickr).

Aside from hands-on building activities, students will be treated to a tour of the unique architecture of the campus, not to mention a trip to Fallingwater, the groundbreaking house designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. Also included are meals, lodging, and instruction materials.

Requirements for enrollment in this summer camp

All high school students (from upcoming freshmen to newly graduated seniors) are encouraged to take the program. Enrollment is on a first-come-first-serve basis. When the summer camp reaches the maximum number of enrollees, the succeeding enrollers will be placed under the limited wait list.

For more information about the program, click here.

One of my students claimed that going to Penn State’s Architecture Summer Camp helped him get to Ryerson University! Click on the next page to watch the video.

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