A Crash Course in Art Portfolio Cases for Art Students

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A Crash Course in Art Portfolio Cases for Art Students

Art portfolio cases help compile your artworks to be brought and presented to the school during your application. Depending on the artworks you will assemble, portfolio cases vary in size, material, and function.

Three types of art portfolios

Students planning to attend art and design colleges will need three basic types of portfolio cases. The first and most important one is a display portfolio for the application process and for handing in large projects. The second is a carrying case that will organize and keep our in progress projects clean, safe while allowing to carry the supplies you need for the day. The third is a sturdy carrying presentation case to store your accumulated art projects from your program studies.

Why you need art portfolio cases

Once students receive their acceptance letters to their art and design schools, they are sometimes required to submit a collection of the works that best represent their creativity and skills. Some schools request students to create digital versions of their artworks and upload them on Slideroom. Others will ask you to mail or present your artworks to them in person.

You need to show that you take great pride in your artwork and that you’re serious in your intention of getting into art school and maintaining your pride of presentation while in your course of study.

I guarantee you that sending your portfolio in a regular envelope, thus possibly damaging your artworks, will not make a good impression to the professors who will judge your work.

This would only show that you don’t take your art seriously!

By sending or presenting your work inside art portfolio cases, you not only show passion for the arts, but you are also willing to take good care of them as well. Not to mention, portfolio cases add to the style points of your artworks, which can help in presenting your works  in a much more formal and professional manner.

But what if I’m not required to send out my portfolios to art and design schools? Would I still need art portfolio cases?

Of course! There are  various types of cases that can be used to store your work for a very long time and for different uses. There are portfolios that come with a handle or a shoulder sling so you can carry them around with you when you are called to present your art at any given place.

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