A Crash Course in Art Portfolio Cases for Art Students

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Factors that decide which art portfolio cases should you buy

  1. Mens Briefcase

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    Easy to carry around – There are art portfolio cases that have adjustable straps and a handle, making it easy to bring with you unlike portfolio that you have to hold like a book.

  2. Durable – Art portfolio case covers are normally made from water-resistant nylon and vinyl to ensure that your artworks inside don’t get messed up. However, there are some that take the precautionary step to ensure that their art portfolio cases won’t break even after years of use. Examples of durable portfolio cases are those with reinforced corners, double-stitched seams, mesh webbing (for mesh cases), leather, and others.
  3. For presentation – While there are art portfolio cases that look rugged and meant for carrying around all the time, there are sleek and fashionable cases that are designed to be presented in front of a client or, in this case, an art professor. Using this case, your artworks can be easily shown to people just by flipping through the pages. These cases usually are either leather, rubber, or vinyl. Choose the classiest looking one that fits in your budget and has the right look for your field of study.

That One Tip You Need to Know Before Choosing the Best Art Portfolio Case for You: Know the Requirements for Your Portfolio!

Schools will indicate on their admissions page the portfolio specifications they should receive from students. Since each school has different requirements, you must learn them first to find out the kind of case you need. There are cases that come in limited sizes like display case, which can only carry A1 to A4 paper sizes. It’s important to note the size requirements; it’s generally best to choose the largest of the choices presented to you for maximum impact but that depends on your work and the way you want to present it. I have seen students create a powerful brand by purposefully choosing a small size book.

Additional tip: Refrain from doing more than what the art and design schools ask you to do. When they ask for 15 artworks from your portfolio, choose the best 15 pieces you have and not more. Do not include every work you have ever done! Choose only the best–follow  Mies van der Rohe’s adage “less is more”–And remember that by failing to follow directions, you lessen your chances of getting accepted to your school of choice!

In case you haven’t read yet, we have published a post about what to include in your art portfolio to be submitted to art and design schools. Click here to read the article!

What you should do now

Check out our Amazon Store and check out the best art portfolio cases the site has for sale! Keep in mind our advice in choosing art portfolio cases and you’ll be fine!

Also, watch out next as we break down the different portfolio cases that you should use when submitting your portfolio to art and design schools for review.

Until then, I wish the best for your art portfolios!
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