Behind a Great Art Student Is a Great Art Teacher – Why You Should Get an Art Teacher to Coach You

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Behind a Great Art Student Is a Great Art Teacher – Why You Should Get an Art Teacher to Coach You

Everybody can become an artist.

Some are naturally inclined to arts and have the skill set that can propel them to success, if they choose arts as a career. Others have to work harder to acquire the aptitude that some of their more well-known contemporaries already have. Nonetheless, their passion keeps them on track onto their dream of becoming a professional artist in the future.

Success for both types of art students, however, is attributed to good coaching. This is achieved by having a great art teacher to guide you to the path of become a professional artist.

It doesn’t matter if some are more talented in the arts than the others – if they are not given proper direction and motivate to cultivate their talents into something productive for the arts, then all their potential go unrealized.

What are the hallmarks of a great art teacher?

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  ― William Arthur Ward

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A great art teacher mustINSPIRE. People admire those who boast qualities that they do not have. An art teacher does not necessarily have to be the greatest artist you will have ever met. Their real strength, however, is their ability to help students develop their talents and realize their potential in the arts.

The way of presenting the course in an interesting and engaging manner, as well as their mastery of the course, will be crucial in keeping student engaged on what to do and how to move forward with those skills.

A great art teacher mustCHALLENGE. The gift of all great art teachers is their ability to bring the best out of students. This is done by way of being critical to their student’s works and assigning course work that’s beyond what most can handle.

Despite the seeming cruelty that art teachers have with regard to students, there is an underlying philosophy behind their methods. By being hard on their students, art teachers are preparing students to the outside world that will twice as harsh and uncompromising than them.

The challenge posed to students by great teachers therefore, is to overcome the difficulties presented by the course work. Once students have aced and passed the course with flying colors, then the students will be more than equipped to have a successful art career, thanks in part to their art teacher.

A great art teacher mustMOTIVATE. Whereas inspiration may leave some students at awe with what they just witnessed, motivation encourages students to use their inspiration as the barometer to what they have to reach and achieve.

Great art teachers, therefore, must set the bar high to keep students on their feet through the duration of the course. This is where the heavy course load should work to the favor of the student, even if it appears otherwise.

Aside from being critical, they must also be effusive when their students do something right. Motivation is done properly when teachers criticize students for the errors they’ve made and praise them if they performed gracefully under intense pressure. This allows students to know what needs to be done to improve their work and to push themselves to become better at what they do.

Let this successful athlete tell you the reason why you need coaching from an art teacher to success in the art industry on the next page!

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