What’s the One Drawing Skill Even the Best Art Students are Weak In?

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Sight Measuring is the Secret in Mastering the Art of Drawing!

The best arts colleges attract the cream of the crop talented students. Only the most skilled and high potential students are accepted. But even within that group of gifted students there persists a sloppy habit in drawing practices that limits their results.

Do you know if you have this bad habit?

And further to my surprise, several top level students in the most advanced drawing, arts and design programs haven’t even learned this fundamental technique for accurate drawing.

If you master this technique and do it with careful and consistent precision you can draw anything with ultimate accuracy, no matter how complicated and challenging the subject is to draw.

Sight Measuring is the Secret in Mastering the Art of Drawing!

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Sight measuring is a fundamental skill I was surprised that several students did not know how to do even in high level competitive programs like illustration. Measuring by sight accurately is harder than it may first appear if you either were not taught properly or developed some sloppy habits that yield inconsistent and inaccurate results and confuse and confound you when drawing challenging subjects like life drawing or things that are extremely foreshortened or that we know a lot about.

I have observed that even those students who do use sight measuring, do it with inconsistent body mechanics, yielding poor and confusing results.

I guess it doesn’t help that there aren’t any videos on Youtube about sight measurement!

Even if you already draw well, you will be so much more relaxed and pleased with your work if you further sharpen your skills before you start in the Fall…

So why not sharpen your sight measuring skills by working with me?

I have years of experience as an art instructor under my belt so you can be sure that you will get your sight measuring technique developed under my tutelage.

I am also developing a series of videos dedicated to teaching the fundamentals that every aspiring art student must learn and master. The series is called Kesteloot Drawn to Success (soon to be available on Vimeo On Demand – watch out for it!) and I’m featuring one below about the introduction to sight measuring.

The most important thing that you will learn from the video is the simple yet effective way of measuring your subject using your arms stretched out while holding a pencil. Flip the pencil vertically and horizontally to gauge the length and width of the subject and to see the space in between objects.

For practice, I also mentioned in the video to stick an acetate paper through a glass window and trace what you see through the paper from the outside. You can practice the basic sight measuring of sticking your arm out parallel to the paper and using your pencil to gauge the size of the objects and spaces.

This is how I teach my students. I know my stuff and I want them to learn the best from me.

If you’re interested in trying out my coaching services, then I will get you to the best art and design programs by first developing your skills and building your art portfolio!

coaching services or choose to have a custom course about sight measuring so we can fine-tune some of your skills in preparation for the coming school year. I also provide a comprehensive approach on how to make an art portfolio for college to increase your chances of landing a spot at your college or university of choice!

You can reach out to me at info@portprep.com for other inquiries you may have.

Let me help you make the most out of your opportunity as an art student.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Karen Kesteloot

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