The Best Copic Marker Tutorial Videos for Beginners

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Want to learn how to use Copic markers for your artworks? Let these must-see Copic marker tutorial videos from Youtube teach you how!

Are you keen to try out the hottest art marker on the market?  Copic markers  have become famous as the highest quality markers available today and are highly sought after by designers and illustrators alike. They have become a popular medium for art students to showcase their creativity in their college art portfolios too. If you would like to try these out but aren’t sure where to start here’s PortPrep’s list of resources to get you started!

Things you need to know about Copic markers before watching the tutorials

One of the many reasons why people use Copic markers and brushes is because, unlike some markers, these are alcohol-based. What this means is that, unlike water-based markers, you can manipulate the depth of the shade, as well as blend it with other Copic marker colors, by marking on the surface without worrying that it will tear up. They are a superior formula of alcohol marker that gives the blend-ability of the older style xylene-based markers without the fumes.

From the video example above, artists are able to create shadow effects on their illustration for more vibrant and realistic artwork. To achieve the same effect, however, you need to determine the kind of paper required by your Copic markers.  While many types of paper can be used with markers to good effect specialty marker papers yield superior results.

Given the quality of color and flexibility of the Copic marker system, they are expensive relative to other markers. Yet despite the price, Copic markers are still the preferred marker among professionals and growing in popularity with serious students because of the benefit they offer. Their strongest feature is that they are refillable once the ink has run out and have replaceable tips, making them ideal for long-term use and cheaper in the long run than their competitor’s markers.

The ink on these markers can last up to three years long – after this time, the alcohol will have evaporated. Still, you can take out the ink, which has now become acid-free, and use it for your paper-crafting projects and other purposes. I love that you can custom mix the ink to do superior blends and gradations! Several of the other top brands often have too large a gap in the colors and tones to be able to do smooth blends. So this is an excellent feature that Copic offers.

Four Types Of Copic Markers to Choose From

Another unique feature of Copic markers is that they offer different types to choose from not  just the typical standard types of their competitors’ that offer various benefits and distinctions in use, flexibility and price.

The Four Types: Sketch, Original, Ciao and Wide.

All four types of Copic markers have certain uses, making each type an indispensable part of your tools in creating artworks. The Sketch is the most popular marker with a flexible Brush nib while the Original has a firm nib and a square body that prevents the marker from rolling on your desktop. An exciting feature of both of these markers is that they can be used for airbrushing. These markers boast 334 colors to choose from to create your artworks!

The Ciao is the most affordable among Copic markers and has similar brush nibs as the Sketch, but comes in only 144 colors as opposed to 334 in Sketch and the Original. The Wide marker has a 3/4-inch brush, which is great for coloring the background of your artwork. Unlike the first two, the Ciao and Wide cannot be used for airbrushing. For more information about Copic markers, read this Stamping Brochure from the official Copic Marker site and this updated FAQ page about Copic markers written on Debbie Olson Designs.

The 5 must-see Copic marker tutorial videos on Youtube

Blending Copic Markers by Baylee Creations

Baylee teaches the basic and advanced techniques on how to correctly blend different colors using Copic markers together to achieve vibrant and authentic shades for your artworks.

TIP: When combining light and dark colors, make sure to have an in-between color. This would serve as a transition between the opposite colors and help you soften the blend between the light and dark colors.

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How To Use Copic Sketch Markers

Evan Burse of Cartoon Block gives his take on how to use the most popular Copic marker in coloring Iron Man in this extremely helpful and entertaining tutorial.

TIP: Leave some areas white when coloring silver or steel on your artwork. This is to emphasize the reflection of light on the steel surface.

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Copics With Different Papers

This Copic marker tutorial video talks about the four ideal types of paper to be used with your Copic markers. The four papers featured are Georgia Pacific (recommended for beginners), Neenah (thicker than Georgia Pacific), Gina K (120 pd. paper with a unique treatment to its surface), and Canson (150 pd. weight paper with a coarse texture that’s perfect for pencil).

TIP: Keep in mind that you can also buy specialty marker papers that can absorb a large amount of marker ink and offer great blending without any bleeding. Copic markers do blend more easily than other brands and as such they are easier to use on a variety of papers. Normally it is nearly essential to use marker paper with any of the other brands to get good results. You will get fantastic results with marker paper with Copic but watch this video to see the kinds of great results you can get with Copic markers on these other types of papers.

How to Refill Copic Markers

Another video from Baylee, this Copic marker tutorial teaches viewers how to place ink on their markers once they’ve emptied them out. The video covers how to refill all types of Copic markers.

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How to color Manga with Copic Markers

While Manga or Japanese animation art has been done to death by a lot of people, this Copic marker tutorial provides an in-depth, step-by-step process on how to beautifully color your Manga using these markers. The techniques applied by Sophiechan90 in this video can also be used on other types of animation, which makes this tutorial an essential viewing for everyone who wants to make the most out of their Copic markers.

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