How to Sign Up for a FREE Portfolio Assessment at PortPrep

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How to Sign Up for a FREE Portfolio Assessment at PortPrep


Recently, PortPrep launched its newly revamped free portfolio assessment page to the public.

If you’re a high school senior with intentions of applying to an art and design program in college or university, here’s your chance to get an unfair advantage over other students who share your same dream!

This free portfolio assessment offer from PortPrep allows you, as an aspiring art student, to upload your sample works and get them checked by art instructor and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot.

Once she receives your portfolio or artworks, she will reach out to you via email within a few days with some advice and to arrange a 30-minute video call to discuss how you can improve your artworks depending on the requirements of the art or design school you are applying to.

For information about Karen’s educational background and expertise in the field of art, click here.

So far, she has had a 100% acceptance rate – this means that all her students have been accepted by the best art and design programs! Check out testimonials and success stories from her different students by clicking here!

To view a sample of Karen’s teaching style, check out the video below about how to improve one’s artworks by means of proper cropping.

Seen enough? Then get your free portfolio assessment by clicking here!

Go to the next page to learn the steps on how to sign up for your free portfolio assessment!

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