Things to Know About SlideRoom Before Uploading Your Art Portfolio

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Things to Know About Slideroom Before Uploading Your Art Portfolio

Back in the day, college applicants in any art and design program will be asked to submit their portfolios through mail. People prepare an art portfolio made of 35mm slides that shows all their creative works. Painting, sculptors, and 3D art are photographed and turned to slides that will be included in the portfolio. The portfolio is then delivered to the school and will be checked by the professors. After deliberation, applicants have the option to ask for their portfolios back from the school, which will then mail the portfolio back to the owners.

Nowadays, applicants can register for an account and upload scanned photos of their works. The tool will notify the school if a portfolio has been uploaded by an applicant so professors can browse through their works. Once done checking, professors can evaluate the applicant, who won’t have to ask for their portfolios back.

Such convenience and efficiency in the evaluation of art portfolio are made available by SlideRoom.

What is SlideRoom?

SlideRoom is a portfolio management tool that lets applicants upload their artworks so reviewers can easily manage the stream of portfolios they receive during college admissions.

This tool present many advantages for both student and professor and, as mentioned, one of them is the ease of delivering, receiving, and managing art portfolios. On the part of students, they don’t have to spend on reproducing their artworks on 35mm slides or requirements asked by the school. All they need to do is scan their works, upload, and just wait for word from the school about their application.

Image from SlideRoom

Image from SlideRoom

For professors, SlideRoom allows them to streamline the process of reviewing student portfolios. For some schools, receiving art portfolios in the mail can be an inconvenience since they come in all shapes and forms and applicants normally ask for their portfolios back. With SlideRoom, professors will just need a computer with Internet access to browse through the works of students.

SlideRoom has even made its interface accessible for people with visual and motor impairments. This makes the tool easier to use for disabled people who have a difficult time using a computer.

Here is a partial list of art and design schools who are using Slideroom to receive art portfolios from applicants.

If you are interested in applying to these schools for next year, you should learn how to use Slideroom. For the complete and comprehensive process, read the SlideRoom Applicant Guide for a step-by-step process on how to register for an account and upload your works online. If you have questions not covered by the guide, you can check out the SlideRoom Applicant FAQ Guide for more information.

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