11 Freshmen Tips on How to Get Along with College Roommates

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Freshmen Tips on How to Get Along with College Roommates

One of the biggest questions coming into college, especially for those who chose to board at a residence hall, is the kind of college roommates you’ll be having. Will you share the same interests? Will he or she like you? More importantly, will you like the student?

This guide aims to help you on how to get along and possibly befriend your roommate.

Advice to Get along with College Roommates


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    1. Don’t expect to be friends. To soften the blow of disappointment, assume that you won’t get along at all. This is better than to expect to be best buds with your roommate, only to find out that they’re the roommates from hell. If your roommates turns out to be awesome and you become friends in an instant, then great. But don’t force the issue if you are just not meant to click together.
    2. Introduce yourself. Give your roommates a general information on who you are. Also bring up quirks that may affect your time sharing the room together. This gives them a clearer idea on the kind of personality you have and how they will deal with it. Also encourage them to share any quirks that they have an early as meeting for the first time so you can try not to step on their toes as well.
    3. Housekeeping

      Housekeeping (Photo credits: www.mysecuritysign.com)

      Discuss household chores. Work with a system (daily or weekly schedule) on who will do each chore. Be responsible in doing assigned chores to you at the time that was discussed. If you won’t be able to do your tasks on said time, inform your college roommates as early as possible so they know what to do. To ensure that everybody does their part in maintaining the room, figure out which among you are comfortable in doing which chore so that the assigned chore won’t be much of a burden for you.

    4. Be clear with definitions. One of the biggest sources of fights among roommates is their individual definition of “clean.” While you may think sweeping the floor is good enough to make your room clean, others would vacuum and scrub it as well before calling the place clean. Keep this in mind when talking about not only household chores, but also other terms that lend themselves to subjectivity.
    5. Hire cleaning services. If you’re paired with a neat freak for a roommate, you’re in for a treat (or not). Attempting to clean your room to his standards of cleanliness is going to be a lot of fun (or not). Either way, you will have to come to terms that trying to appease a neat freak by doing chores is, well, a chore in itself. When worse comes to worst and you’re still fighting about the very definition of cleanliness, even going into its etymology, do yourself a favor and do either of these things: hire cleaning services (that your roommate chooses) and split the bill with him or her, or pay your roommate to keep things tidy for you.Go to the next page to see more tips on how to get along with your college roommates!

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