Cost-Cutting Moving Advice for College Students

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Cost-Cutting Moving Advice for College Students

Going away from home to live at a residence or nearby apartment in college can be an exciting time in your life. Early on there is a sense of fear, of being away from your family and not knowing what to expect in college.  There is also an air of exhilaration – this will be the first time you can really spread your wings and realize your potential by studying and building your future.

Before you can really get the full college experience, however, you need to pack and transfer your stuff to your dorm – a challenge in itself. You need to know the best methods for moving your stuff with as little fuss as possible. More importantly, you need to keep costs down so you can save money and have some extra once the school year starts.

Below are some cost-cutting moving advice that will prove helpful to you once you pack up your stuff and move in to college.

Do inventory


It is necessary to take time and choose which things you’re planning to bring to college. Get a list of your possessions sent to the place you’re moving into. Figure out what you might have left out of the list that you should bring. Prepare boxes to place the things you will bring to college.

Focus on bringing the essentials or things you simply won’t do without, which can be limited to the following:

  • Clothes (bring clothes in anticipation of the upcoming seasons such as winter)
  • Toiletries
  • Cooking utensils
  • Stereo/television (if the place doesn’t have one)
  • Laptop
  • Cellphone
  • Beddings
  • Additional medication
  • Towels

Keep in mind that the less stuff you bring to college the less problems you’ll have figuring out how to move all of them. You won’t have to rent a van to accommodate the many things you plan on bringing. More importantly, the space provided for you in college may not be sufficient enough to host all of your stuff.

Tip: While looking for things to bring to college, you will see items that you don’t have any need for. Instead of disposing them, sell them by holding a garage sale or through Craigslist, eBay, or other online selling sites. Also, for items that you need but don’t have right now, you can also buy from these sites. Granted, you run the risk of getting them without a warranty, but working with a budget would force you otherwise.

Pack your stuff

Neatly arrange all the items you will be bringing to college – categorize if necessary. Set fragile and non-fragile items into separate boxes. Wrap fragile items such as glassware and plates with newspaper or towels to prevent breakage. Label the boxes properly so that you know where to find your things once you unpack them in college.

Tip: It is ideal to start packing up things as early as a week before moving day. At this time, pack things that you won’t be needing for the next few days such as books, winter clothes, and so on. Gradually work your way up days leading to the moving day with items you won’t be needing immediately. This way, you won’t rush with packing up your things before moving out of the house.

Additional tip: You Move Me’s Moving Box Calculator is a nifty widget that helps people determine how many boxes they will need to make their upcoming move go smoothly. Using a couple indicators, users can quickly and easily determine the number of boxes you’ll need. Eliminate one stress in the moving process and try out the Moving Box Calculator today.

Also, You Move Me Toronto is a professional, local moving company that moves people, not just their boxes. What we have created is a new standard of service in an already existing industry with a customer experience that’s different from what’s expected. From our complimentary morning coffees to clear and on-time arrival windows, and from the housewarming plant we leave behind to unexpectedly high standards of customer service, we are revolutionizing the local move. Customers benefit from a one-time travel fee, no-charge protection, no-charge assembly and disassembly, and a no-charge wardrobe service. In keeping with the fun theme, there’s even a wardrobe box that doubles as a space rocket kids fort.


National Car and Van Rental BL04UAE

National Car and Van Rental BL04UAE (Photo credit: didbygraham)

If the boxes you plan on bringing don’t fit inside your car, rent a van days before moving out to save money for the gas spent going back from home to college. Research truck or van rentals online using Yelp and use customer reviews to decide whether or not to take their service. Choose a rental that is affordable but offers security and dependability. Check out if the rentals offer an insurance policy to protect you from accidental breakage of your things while moving them to college.

Once you have secured transportation, get to the college at least an hour before the scheduled time of the moving day so you can get a good parking space near your apartment or residence.

Tip: While the option above may come at a steep price, you can also rent a van and drive it yourself going to college to save on costs.

Drop off!

You will have to ask for help from your family and friends to move out your boxes to make the transfer faster. Bring with you a trolley so you can roll out your boxes more efficiency compared to carrying them. Once all the boxes have been transferred,start unpacking while you still have people to help you.

Tip: Give a tip to the professional help you’ve hired and order some food for your friends and family to celebrate your success in moving in to your room!

How about you dear reader – what moving advice can you share to others that has helped you transfer your stuff from home to college much easier? Feel free to comment below with your tips!
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  2. Great article for students! Just like with any other move, the best thing to do is to plan ahead of time. If you need moving assistance, get the rates weeks before and don’t forget to label your stuff! Like this article states, try to take as few things as possible because it’s possible you will be moving a lot while in college (apartment to apartment or dorm to dorm). Good luck!

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