The Scariest Thing You Could Do to Your Art Portfolio

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The Scariest Thing You Could Do to Your Art Portfolio

Your final year in high school is almost up and you should be looking for a way into an art or design program in college. Aside from getting good grades by developing strong study habits, you need to showcase your creativity by compiling an art portfolio. If you are passionate about art, you should find your creative inspiration that will help you make artworks to be included in your portfolio.

Even if you have built your art portfolio, you still run the risk of doing the scariest thing you could do to it – submit it to your college of choice without having it checked and reviewed by professors first!

Submitting your artworks without consulting art instructors or professors is like jumping in the ocean without any floating device. Even if you know how to swim, you can’t be too sure about the unpredictability of the currents that can easily wash you away.

The same thing goes for high school students who didn’t get their portfolios reviewed before submitting it to art colleges – they run the risk of not getting the necessary feedback to improve their artworks and make them better.

Why your art portfolio needs to be checked

An art portfolio is never a finished process, even if you think it is. All your works will need to go through the watchful eye of an art instructor so you could see how much more you can squeeze out ideas presented in the artwork. This allows you to see details that you’ve never seen before and lets you build better artworks.

More importantly, all the improvements made on each artwork will help you come up with a much more superior art portfolio to increase your chances of getting into art college!

Now that you know the reason why you need to get your art portfolio reviewed before submitting them to arts college, below are places where you can get free consultation for your art portfolio.

National Portfolio Day

National Art Portfolio Day, Philadelphia

National Art Portfolio Day, Philadelphia (Photo credit: Vilseskogen)

This day-long event is normally held in different colleges and hosts the best art and design programs in the country. The objective of National Portfolio Day is to provide feedback to the art portfolios of high school students who plan on applying to arts college after graduation. The feedback will serve as guidelines on how they can improve your artworks and submit a better art portfolio for college admissions.

To check out the schedule of upcoming National Portfolio Days near you, click here.

To help you properly prepare for National Portfolio Day, read out post titled “7 Things You Need to Know before Going to a National Portfolio Day.”

FREE Portfolio Assessment

If you can’t make it to National Portfolio Day because it’s too far away from your place, you can send your art portfolio at PortPrep and our resident art instructor Karen Kesteloot will review it for you for free!

Karen has been teaching art at community colleges for more than 15 years and had experience reviewing portfolio submissions for the Illustration program at Sheridan College. More importantly,  all of the students she coached to improve their art portfolio have gotten into the best art and design programs, making here more than qualified to help you with your portfolio!

If you’re not convinced with this, listen to her students whom he help get into college instead!

To request for your FREE Portfolio Assessment, click here or click on the banner below.

Portfolio assessment banner


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