How to Manage Your Time as an Art Student

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How to Manage Your Time as an Art Student

Getting into college requires you to learn how to manage your time. You won’t survive studying art or design if you do not have a time management plan in place. Having one will allow you to schedule your time more appropriately to tasks that need your immediate attention. By following your plan , you can achieve more and get the most out of your time reading books and doing your homework.

We’ve reached out to Tumblr for advice on how to manage your time as an art student. Below is a quote sent to us by username norinoko that incoming art students and freshmen must read.


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Definitely demanding coursework is one of biggest obstacle every art student have: either too much work to handle within deadlines, or the work itself require special attention, etc. This way, time management undoubtedly will be biggest asset everybody would want to get. This list will probably help out a little bit, since everything depends with student itself to overcome all the work given.

  1. From personal experience, it is best to allocate working time for each course from the beginning of the term, as soon as student get the syllabus. Syllabus serves as blueprint of the coursework: materials needed, deadlines et al. Write the important deadlines in schedule down in a journal or something as reminder (nowadays smartphones serve as calendars, put that into use).
  2. Making timetables and implementing it to everyday life also works—it may be hard for first-timers, so just make everything is not too detailed, for example: Life Drawing practice for 3 hrs per day, Painting for 5 hrs a day—just list how many hours needed each day per course and just do it!
  3. Don’t wait to work on assignment when it will be due on the next day! This is one of the temptations an art student might face everytime, given reasons, “I don’t feel like working today” “No inspiration yet” etc. WRONG. All coursework meant to be done ASAP. There is no reason why a student should wait till the last moment. If it can be done soon enough, why wait?
  4. Inspiration block: How to overcome it—this will be most time-wasting on coursework development. Keep a visual diary and maintain it, it could be sketchbook or as simple as writings. This way, when running low on ideas, it can be recovered quickly by going back to the diary. Also, talk to people: peers, even professors—they are willing to help. Reading books and just go directly to the work also sometimes might work, to be honest.
  5. Don’t spend  too much on  the internet, and don’t start going to facebook/twitter/tumblr account, as usually this will happen: “Let me open it for few minutes… Ooops it’s 3 hours already and I haven’t do anything!” Just keep hands off from it.

So far these helps for me, but it is not absolute that this advice will help, of course, since it is all depends with art students who cherishes liberty and creative thinking 😀

You can read the post where the reply was lifted from by clicking here.

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