National Portfolio Day Made Easy

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wow, it it ever impressive... or ugly. i used ...

Wow, is it ever impressive… or ugly. I used a polarized filter to take our the glare in the windows so you can see the tint. (Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada) GeoTagged (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And A Gift For You Too!

Claim your gift from Karen Kesteloot when you get your free portfolio assessment in person

Karen Kesteloot, art instructor and owner of

The Admissions Insider, Karen Kesteloot is ready to help you make a great portfolio-find her at Karine’s Vegan Nov 9

How to Cope with Long Lines at National Portfolio Day: OCADU

  1. Arrive 1-2 hours before doors open at 11:45am. Line up at OCADU Front Entrance at McCaul St.
  2. Bring a friend to discuss your portfolio with while waiting…write out your questions in your sketch book for the portfolio reviewer
  3. Talk to the other’s in line and share ideas.
  4. Go see Karen across the street at Village by the Grange Food Court at Karine’s Vegan.

Beware: Lines are long! If you come late you run the risk of being turned away!

Additional reminders:

  • The wait is worth it for the input you will receive.
  • If you do get turned away go find Karen at Karine’s across the street and she’ll help you out.
  • Get your free portfolio assessment in person!

When it’s finally your turn to have time with portfolio review representative from the school you are interested in, make sure you are ready with your questions and bring your best works and those that you are not sure of.  Write down what they say as soon as you are finished hearing their advice–It’s a lot to take in! Bring a friend or your parents to help you remember all their advice.

For more information on how to prepare yourself for National Portfolio Day the right way, read “7 Things You Need to Know before Going to a National Portfolio Day

If you feel overwhelmed or confused by anything they tell you, go find Karen across the street at Karine’s Vegan Restaurant and ask for further advice. There’s no charge just like at the official National Portfolio Day. 100% of Karen’s students have gotten accepted into their top choice colleges; that’s why they call her the Admissions Insider. She loves helping students follow their creative dreams. Please take advantage of her being in the area, ready to help and encourage you.

You should know that, while Karen Kesteloot of PortPrep is not a member of National Portfolio Day Association because she runs a private portfolio education company and is not a university, she is well versed in portfolio requirements from the experience she gained while teaching at one of Canada’s finest art and design colleges; Sheridan College. Her students are always amazed by the wealth and breadth of her portfolio knowledge, whether it be for architecture, fine art, animation or graphic design–Karen knows what’s required to get accepted into the best arts colleges. Let her help you through this exciting and stressful time. Remember to look for her on McCaul Street before the doors open or over at the food court across the street.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Strawberry Jam. Waiting for you today, only $3.(Picture courtesy of Karine's Vegan Restaurant)

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Strawberry Jam. Waiting for you today, only $3.(Picture courtesy of Karine’s Vegan Restaurant)

Karine’s Vegan Restaurant has kindly offered to welcome Karen and her visitors in front of her booth. If you want to know more about her fantastically healthy and delicious food you can visit her Facebook Page by clicking here.

Karen chose Karine’s because she values what she does. Karen keeps her energy up for her students by eating a gluten-free vegan diet. It’s the perfect place to meet in her mind.

So enjoy the free advice and the great food!

Karen will be staying in the area until 6pm so that even if you didn’t get to see a representative from your school of choice, Karen will see you and help you out with some advice. Karine’s is open til 3pm–if you the Grange closes look for Karen at MacDonald’s across the street from OCAD’s Entrance–not her first choice in food but it’s a handy place to meet and the coffee is actually pretty good!

See you there!

Karen Kesteloot

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