From Confidence Comes Acceptance: How Karen Kesteloot Helped Valery Somerville Get into OCAD U

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From Confidence Comes Acceptance How Karen Kesteloot Help Valery Somerville Get into OCAD U1

It pays to help students in achieving their dreams. Such is the case with Valery Somerville, a 3rd year Drawing and Painting student at OCAD University (Ontario college of art and design).

I met her when she was a co-op student at Wyndham Art Supplies in Guelph. They run the Guelph School of Art where I teach. I used to do portfolio reviews for them there back when I reviewed Valerie’s portfolio.

She really needed help to be able to go to OCAD U, her dream college. She worked for me in my art studio preparing painting panels for me to help pay for drawing and painting lessons and make a better portfolio because her parents didn’t have the money to support my fees and Valery wanted to prove herself.

Under my direction, she learned how to draw well, compose better pieces, strengthen her artworks for the portfolio, and leave out the ones that were weak!

We worked not only on her skills but on her mindset. We worked on building her confidence and the way she talked about herself—she learned to stop putting herself down and be more positive. We studied a little metaphysics and looked into her spiritual beliefs to bring up her courage and faith in her future and her love for art.  She was aware of how manifestation worked and how prayer works so we worked with her positive thoughts and her dream of being accepted at OCADU—she started saying that she was going there and used her new-found positive outlook about herself and her future. She used the ideas in The Secret to help her with this and her spiritual path that she felt connected to.

She became more confident and is noticeably much stronger and confident now—3 years later.

Here are some things she says about what my instruction helped her with while she is at OCADU.

Valery SomervilleI found that not only did I get into OCAD U because of the things I learned from Karen Kesteloot but I found that a lot of what I learned ended up helping me do better in college. I feel more confident too and felt more prepared for how intense the work load is because of what Karen told me about. I did find first year to be a big adjustment but I think I was less shocked by it than some of my peers because of the stories Karen had shared with me during her school experiences both as a student and as a college professor at Sheridan.

The things I learned from her helped me to:

  • Organize my thoughts related to art school and get into the mentality of producing work under a highly demanding schedule and with high standards.
  • Strengthen my ability to find strong compositions and produce work effectively and concisely with a well-planned process
  • Easily transfer the techniques I learned from Karen in her drawing and painting classes
  • Draw what was really in front of me as opposed to what I thought I saw—i.e to draw what I see rather than what I know—that’s harder than what you would think!
  • Properly prepare painting surfaces which enabled me to have better in-class critiques and produce archival work.

Even after working with Karen I still email her from time to time about different projects I am having issues with and we discuss how to effectively execute them. We discuss ideas and she gives me advice for what would be the most visually striking and what constitutes a well put together piece.

"Look at this awesome charcoal drawing one of my fav portfolio students did now that she's in 3rd year at OCADU in drawing and painting! 4 feet long! She showed me this at OCADU's National Portfolio Day this year while having breakfast together at Karine's Vegan, Vegetarian All-Day Breakfast" -Valery Somerville

"So this past saturday my friend Karen Kesteloot came to the ocad region for portfolio day she created this really cool buisness called Portprep, she does portfolio assessments and has a 100% success rate of people she aids getting accepted to their school of choice, and is the reason I got accepted to ocad! If any of you know anyone trying to get into art school i highly recommend her services! please like her page Portprep and support the artistic community!" -Valery Somerville

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