Karen’s Still Life Drawing Tips for Your Art Portfolio [FREE Tutorial Video]

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Karen's Still Life Drawing Tips for Your Art Portfolio1

Through the years, Karen Kesteloot has helped countless students get into the art or design program of their choice by improving their art portfolios. Her coaching services are aimed to prepare the portfolios of students for submission to the best colleges.

As of writing, she has a 100% acceptance rateall of the students she has taught through PortPrep have gotten into an arts college!

If you want to make the most out of your application to an art or design program this coming school year, then you might want to get help from Karen with your art portfolio! Try out her FREE portfolio assessment – request for an initial review of your artworks at no cost to you.

Keep reading if you want to know how Karen teaches her students before signing up for a free assessment, !

The video below shows how she develops the still life drawing skills of students before they compile works to be included in their art portfolios. It is one of the many still life drawing lessons that is part of her Kesteloot Drawn to Success Tutorial Videos. The series will be available soon on Vimeo, so watch out for it!

For now, this free tutorial video about still life drawing has been made public to give you an idea on the kind of attention to detail Karen has for art. Enjoy!


  • Leave tick marks around the edges of your drawingMeasure the picture using your eye and pencil down marks that will serve as reference points in proportion to what you see on the photo. Connect the marks from opposite edges to form an x-y axis on the paper, also known as point end interval.
  • Rough in some straight edges. Once you have formed the axes, use them to fill out the images from photo to paper. Draft the images by drawing basic lines and shapes – you don’t have to draw the curves for now.
  • Be wary of spaces in between images. Refer to the spaces found in the vertical and horizontal coincidences to maintain the form and position of the objects in the photo.
  • Reverse the image. Once you are through with drafting the lines and shapes, flip the paper and photo around so that you are facing the top part of your drawing. This will enable you to see details that you won’t normally see with the regular view.

You can view more instructional videos from Karen Kesteloot in her Youtube channel by clicking here.

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