Art Portfolio Submission Deadlines for 2014 Freshmen Students

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Art Portfolio Submission Deadlines for 2014 Freshmen Students

As some high school seniors are done with with their artworks just in time for portfolio submission, there are those who still need help with how to build their portfolios. For those struggling to prepare their art portfolios on time, we have compiled a partial list of portfolio submission deadline from different colleges and universities.

The list features schools with days left before the portfolio submission deadline. This is for students who have sent their college application but have yet to send their portfolio for review.

The list also contains the application and portfolio submission deadlines for colleges this coming Fall. While the deadline is months away, this shouldn’t give you the right to procrastinate and take it easy until weeks before the final date of submission. In this case, take advantage of this time to prepare in building your art portfolio by scheduling your day-to-day activities and squeeze in time for creating artworks for your portfolio.

The purpose of this list is for you to start the year right by focusing on your dreams and priorities, especially if you’ve developed the habit of putting aside your responsibility of building your portfolio. Make the time left in between now and your submission deadline count!

Without further ado, here’s the list!

Note: Some of the links above lead you to the Slideroom account of the college. SlideRoom is a content management platform used by different art and design programs to manage portfolios sent in by students. Instead of mailing the physical art portfolio to the school, applicants can now upload images of their art portfolio to the school’s SlideRoom account.

To learn more on how SlideRoom works, click here.

Now that you know when the portfolio submission deadline is for the colleges above, go to the next page and see what you should do to not only send your art portfolio in time, but only get accepted to the program!

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