10 Best Art Portfolios by Architecture Students

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This is part of the Best Art Portfolio series of PortPrep. Click here to view all the best art portfolios from different art studies!

10 Best Art Portfolios by Architecture Students PortPrep BlogIf you want to make it as a professional architecture in life, you need to possess the creative skills required to plan, design, and design buildings. To make this happen, you need to enroll yourself to a good architecture program in college.

However, you will only get accepted to an architecture program if you present them an art portfolio. This must showcase your skills that colleges are looking for from potential architecture students.

Compiling your architecture portfolio for college acceptance follows the same provisions as with any art portfolio. If you want more specific directions, click here to read extremely helpful advice on how to build a winning architecture portfolio.

To make your portfolio even better, you need to compare it to some of the best architecture portfolios made online. Below are some of the top architecture portfolios found online.

Disclaimer: All the images featured below are not owned by PortPrep and are taken from Behance. To find out which pages the images were taken and who made them, click on the respective images below.
Professional Architecture Portfolio - Architecture Student

Professional Architecture Portfolio by Anique Azhar

My Portfolio by Sushma Serigara

My Portfolio by Sushma Serigara

Architecture portfolio design

Architecture portfolio design by Giacomo Magnani

Architecture Portfolio - 2010 2013

Architecture Portfolio – 2010 | 2013 by Federico Cosimo Biancullo

Architecture Portfolio 2013

Architecture Portfolio 2013 by Stephanie Braconnier

2013 architecture portfolio

2013 architecture portfolio by SFSF

Architecture Portfolio

Architecture Portfolio by Marco Paffi

Undergraduate Portfolio

Undergraduate Portfolio by Justin Park

Architecture Portfolio - updated

Architecture Portfolio – updated by Ljiljana Škrobot

Architecture Portfolio 2013

Architecture Portfolio 2013 by Johann Wiese

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To end this post, below is the art portfolio by Adam Oliphant, who started out without a portfolio with two weeks left before the deadline. With the help of Karen Kesteloot, she was able to compile a portfolio that wasn’t only completed in time, but also got him into the Architectural Science program at Ryerson University!

If you want to get into arts college like Adam did, let Karen help you with your portfolio! Click here or on the banner below for more information!

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