[Belly Laugh Day] Funny Art Portfolios That Will Have You Laughing Uncontrollably!

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Today is Belly Laugh Day, a day when we celebrate the people who have made us laugh our hearts out and acknowledge events in our lives that we can laugh and smile about now. The day is about sharing the gift of laughter with the whole world!

While building an art portfolio is serious business (after all, it is what separates college art students from aspiring ones), there are some seriously funny art portfolios meant to make people ‘LOL’ and ‘ROTFL’ as well!

Hence, we at PortPrep would like to participate this Belly Laugh Day by featuring some of the funniest art portfolios found online.

Colin Sanders, Disgruntled Art Student

Colin Sanders took the Animation Arts course at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. He expected to learn the basics of animation arts since the course is mandatory for the program he is taking up (Game Development and Entrepreneurship). Instead, the professor spent the entire time talking about modelling and only mentioned animation with a month left before finals.

Out of frustration, Colin created the 15-second masterpiece below as his final assignment for the course.

The hilarious video went viral. The professors at his college – even the dean – enjoyed the video and congratulated him for it. Just goes to show that putting humor in your art portfolio isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Click here to read more about Colin’s video.

Art Student Freak Out: Real or Hoax?

A video of a student presenting her painting in front of her peers circulated last year. As the presenter explained her work, the other students gave scathing remarks about the piece. This led to the student throwing a tantrum and smashing her artwork while nursing a bruised ego.

The authenticity of the video was questioned as some believed that the performance was staged. Nonetheless, it was a curious, if not entertaining, look at art programs and how students should be able to stomach criticism of their works.



This quirky online game/portfolio site was created by Dutch artist Coen Grift. The site showcases not only Mr. Grift’s crazy sense of humor, but also his gift for complex animation and coding. Click here to view the site. Note: Contains strong language

How about you, dear reader – do you know of any art portfolios or artworks that made you burst out of laughter in Belly Laugh Day? Share them on the comments section below!
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