[Tutorial Tuesday] How to Draw Animals with @KarenKesteloot

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Rough sketch of a cheetah

Rough sketch of a cheetah (Photo credit: aaipodpics)

Learning how to draw animals is highly dependent on the kind of animal you wish to draw. However, here are important guidelines you need to follow when drawing any kind of animal:

  • Draw series of overlapping ovals. Start with the largest parts of the animal’s body and work your way down to the smallest. The outside contour is informed and created by the interior ovals. This also keeps everything in proportion below you embellish the outlines with details.
  • Soften outline using kneaded eraser. This will help you define lines for your drawing.
  • Draw over using a chisel-pointed pencil.  The pencil has to be sharp enough so that you can create a varied outline to your drawing.

This quick video tutorial by Karen Kesteloot below should give you a better idea on how to draw animals (in this example, a rabbit) the right way.

For a more detailed explanation of how to draw animals, request Karen for her coaching services by clicking here or on the banner below.

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