Releases New Online Life Drawing Tutorials

Download PDF Releases New Online Life Drawing Tutorials is one of the best life drawing resources online. The site, run by mother and son tandem Mayko and Kenzo Fry, offers interviews with accomplished artists, a vibrant community of life drawing lovers, and a gallery of inspiring drawings – all of these are aimed to help people develop their life drawing skills for their desired purpose.

To make things even better, releases Draw Life Beautifully, an online course geared towards beginners who need to learn the basic and advanced techniques used in creating life drawings.

DLB Intro Video from Kenzo on Vimeo.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • General advice and introductions on learning life drawing
  • How to create beautiful lines and tone on your drawings
  • Getting correct positioning, proportions and perspective
  • Basic anatomy
  • How to use different materials (charcoal, pastels, etc.)
  • Tying it all together
  • Hundreds of reference photos to practice with
  • Miscellaneous tutorials and helpful articles to supplement the course

Despite the popularity of computer-generated graphics and animation, hand and life drawings are important skills that college art professors put stock in when deliberating the fate of applicants. Mastery in drawing means the understanding of fundamental principles involved in making great art.

For those looking to attend college art programs after high school and people who want to improve their drawing craft, you must try out’s Draw Life Beautifully life drawing tutorials!

If you’re interested in trying out the program first

Click here to go to the Draw Life Beautifully page and sign up for an account!

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