Here’s a Great New Year’s Resolution Suggestion to Art Students

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Here's a Great New Year's Resolution Suggestion for Art Students

Before we begin, we would like to greet everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR! While 2013 was a blast, 2014 gives you an opportunity to have an even brighter and better year!

This is especially true for high school seniors who are looking to get into the best art and design programs in college.

One thing that seniors have to worry about is the creation of a great art portfolio. Much of the decision of whether or not applicants will get into art schools rides on how well they present and communicate their ideas through their artworks.

If you’re one of these aspiring art students, you may have encountered roadblocks in creating or compiling artworks for your portfolio. Out of frustration and lack of time, you may have even set aside building your art portfolio before the end of last year.

Now that colleges are down to their final months into the application deadline, it’s time for you to change this.

For 2014, you should stop procrastinating and get started with your portfolio!

If you feel left behind because you haven’t finished your art portfolio yet, don’t fret! Here’s a story that you may want to hear…

Adam Oliphant was once like you, a high school senior who wants to make it to art school. However, the stress and pressure of coming up with an art portfolio prevented him from getting anything done. Worst of all,  there were only two weeks left before the deadline of portfolio submissions.

However,  Adam sought help and was able to get rid of procrastination by taking things one step at a time on this way to building his portfolio.

Not only was he able to finish and submit his art portfolio on time, but he got accepted to the Architectural Science program at Ryerson University!

The key to his success is the recognition that he needed help to get his art portfolio done, and that he came to the right person for help – Admission Insider and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot!

Karen Kesteloot, art instructor and owner of

The Admissions Insider, Karen Kesteloot is ready to help you make a great portfolio

Karen will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a professional artist by getting you to the art or design school of your choice. It all starts will building a winning art portfolio, something that she knows a thing or two about!

For starters, request for a free portfolio assessment from Karen as she will run through your artworks and give her feedback in a 30-minute video chat with you. She will also give her opinion on what you need to improve on and how to arrange your portfolio the best way possible!

ACT NOW! This is a risk-free offerno payments necessary! Believe us when we say that…we simply want you to succeed and get into the school of your dreams!

Just click here or on the banner below so you can  fill out the information needed for you to get help with your art portfolio!

Portfolio assessment banner

More Awesome Resources for Building Your Art Portfolio!

PortPrep Blog

The blog has been the home for some of the best articles written by Karen on how to properly build your art portfolio. It also contains tips on preparing for your college interview and the things to watch out for as a college freshmen.

To help you get started, below are links to articles about art portfolio that you must read:

Proven ARTS Answer

This is a program developed by PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot designed to guarantee high school seniors a spot at the best art and design schools.

The Proven ARTS Answer is the very reason why Karen has a 100% acceptance rate – her instruction and teaching style have helped all her students get into art college!

Proven ARTS Answer consists of videos that discusses the basics of building your art portfolio. This is a course that all students serious in getting into art college must watch!

———->>>> Click here for more information about the program!

Karen Kesteloot’s Youtube Channel

The definitive channel for all things art portfolio, Karen puts out video tutorials on how students can build a portfolio to boost their chances of getting into their art or design program of choice!

She also conducts interviews with celebrity figures who gives out advice on how to become successful in life. Below is a video of Karen interviewing Olympic gold medalist Mark McKoy as he discusses the importance of effective coaching, which is what Karen does to her students and their portfolios.

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