Wayne Allyn Root’s Indispensable College Application Tips

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Wayne Allyn Root’s Indispensable College Application Tips

English: The official headshot of Wayne Allyn Root

English: The official headshot of Wayne Allyn Root (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If there’s anybody who knows how to succeed, it has to be Wayne Allyn Root. This highly driven politician and media personality is also the author of “The Joy of Failure,” a self-help book released in 1997, and “The King of Vegas’ Guide to Gambling: How to Win Big at POKER, Casino Gambling & Life!” in 2006. Both titles have encouraged people to pursue their dream and lead happier lives.

Mr. Root continues to empower people with his usual passionate demeanor, as PortPrep’s Karen Kesteloot found out during their sit-down interview that you can view below. They talked about college application tips for students to increase their chances of getting accepted to their programs of choice.

Wayne Allyn Root’s tips to get accepted into top universities focus on two major factors:

1. Impressing the school via the INTERVIEW

A good way to do well in an interview is to practice quick thinking and come up with immediate, snappy answers. You may carry out a mock interview having your parents as the interviewers. Talk about and practice answering some of the common school interview questions like the ones mentioned below. Know interesting topics and current events. Knowing a little bit of everything, may it be in politics, business, or sports, broadens your perspective and range of ideas that may supplement information for your response or at least support a thought.

Giulio Rocca, founder of GradSchoolHeaven.com and Harvard Alumnus, compiles his experience and discusses some of the most common interview questions asked by graduate schools.

Allan Grove, College Admissions Expert for About.com and Chair of the English Department at Alfred University, New York , writes “12 Questions You Should Be Ready To Answer In Your College Interview.“

  1. Tell me about yourself

  2. Why are you interested in our college?

  3. What can I tell you about our college?

  4. Who in your life has most influenced you?

  5. Why do you want to major in _______________?

  6. What will you contribute to our campus community?

  7.  Tell me about a challenge that you overcame.

  8. What do you do for fun in your free time?

  9. What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

  10. Does your high school record accurately reflect your effort and ability?

  11. Recommend a good book to me.

  12. If you could do one thing in high school differently, what would it be?

The questions above are not absolute to all school interviews and only act as guide and starting point to help you prepare for an interview. Also, take note of the second tip for a university application since it comes handy in getting the attention of the school. Always bear in mind that no on campus interview will occur without getting a good impression first from the school admissions office.

Showcase yourself through a VIDEO

A strong application stands out amongst other application sheets with the help of a video. A short recorded informative talk comprising your strengths, what you can contribute to the school community, why you want to be part of the school, and why they should pick you over other applicants will be a good content for your video.

By creating an application video, you get to present how you want to be viewed by colleges and universities since you can edit the video to your convenience. The video should not only sell the idea that they will benefit from admitting you into their program, but also encourage the admissions office to select you over other applicants.

Below is an interesting and highly creative college application video as example on how you can do yours.

You may send the school a copy of your video or indicate in your application letter a website link to your video. Let the school have an easy time accessing the information needed in making you their right option.

To learn more as to how to increase your chances in being part of a university of your choice, please visit portprep.com and find out more about their products and services. Read testimonials of success and view informative videos for your portfolio preparation and more.

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