Introducing the All-New and Improved PortPrep Blog!

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The PortPrep Blog has helped people with making their art portfolios for college admissions last year. This year, however, “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot wants to reach out to more students who are having problems with their portfolios. This is why we at PortPrep have made the blog even better by categorizing all the articles according to topic!

The PortPrep Blog has been providing tips and advice on how to make a winning art portfolio to art and design college applicants.

While the blog has helped out some people, we aim to increase our reach to more students who want to make the most out of the opportunity of getting into their art or design school of choice.

That is why we at PortPrep have made changes to our blog with the aim of providing those wanting to know how to make their art portfolios the best it can be a better experience of browsing through our posts and looking for information they need!

As part of the changes, we have organized all our posts under their respective categories for easier viewing. Below are some of the more relevant ones to help improve your art portfolio.

art portfolio advice

Everything you need to know about building your art portfolio can be found here! Art Portfolio Advice covers all the bases to make a portfolio that will surely get you into the best art colleges to fast-track your dream of becoming a professional artist!

Click here to view all the posts under Art Portfolio Advice!

Best Art Portfolios

The Best Art Portfolios is a new series that features creative and well-composed art portfolio from past and current art students. This aims to inspire college applicants to make their portfolios as good – if not better – than the ones featured!

Click here to go to the Best Art Portfolios category!

Tutorial Tuesday

Tutorial Tuesday contains videos that teaches viewers on how to improve their drawing skills. The videos are personally made by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot, so you can guarantee that you will learn the best practices in hand drawing.

Click here to view all the posts under Tutorial Tuesday!

preparing for an interview

You may feel confident about the art portfolio you submitted to different college, but are you ready for the interview? Preparing for an Interview runs through some of the vital things you need to get ready for so can blaze through your interview and make it to arts college.

Click here to view all the posts under Preparing for an Interview!

drawing tips

Hand drawing is one skill that all art colleges expect students to have mastered before they apply to an art or design program. If you feel that you need to work on your hand drawing skills, then Drawing Tips guarantees to improve your hand drawing techniques just in time before you make your art portfolio and get into college.

Click here to view all the posts under Drawing Tips!

We publish articles on a regular basis every week, so come by the blog to read tutorials, tips, and advice on making your art portfolio! If you want to receive the latest PortPrep Blog posts straight to your e-mail, you can sign up for our Weekly Newsletter by clicking here!

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