10 Best Art Portfolios by Photography Students

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This is part of the Best Art Portfolio series of PortPrep. Click here to view all the best art portfolios from different art studies!

10 Best Art Portfolios by Photography Students

Photography is an integral part of your art portfolio, even if you don’t plan to become a professional photographer. In today’s post under the Best Art Portfolios series, we are featuring some of the best art portfolios made by former and current photographer students to show you how magnificent a picture can be when done correctly.

Photography is more than just pointing and shooting your camera at images you like. There is an art in getting the most out of the visuals you see and make them magically come to life.

For those applying to arts college, having the basic understanding on how to do photography is more important than ever, aside from being an aspiring photographer. Sculptures, painters, and 3D artists will have to know the best practices on how to photograph their artworks to be included in their art portfolio.

For those not familiar, the PortPrep Blog has published article that contain excellent tips and advice on how to take pictures of artworks.

To help you build up your art portfolio for college further, below are well-made portfolios by past and current photography students. Their portfolios should also inspire you to best the most out of your opportunity of applying into arts college and making your artworks as good, if not better, than the ones featured below!

Disclaimer: All the images featured below are not owned by PortPrep and are taken from Behance. To find out which pages the images were taken and who made them, click on the respective images below.
Food Photography

Food Photography by Jennifer Jagusak

John Goldsmith Photography

John Goldsmith Photography by John Goldsmith

Architectural Photography Portfolio

Architectural Photography Portfolio by KRISTOPHER GRUNERT

Kourosh Keshiri Photography portfolio and promos

Kourosh Keshiri Photography portfolio and promos by Joshua Emberlin

~ Beauty ~

~ Beauty ~ by Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Fighters Realm - Black & White

Fighters Realm – Black & White by Pedro Velez Silva

found & arranged

found & arranged by Winni Wintermeyer

Travel Photography Portfolio by marcspix

Travel Photography Portfolio | marcspix.com

Photography Portfolio Summer 2013

Photography Portfolio Summer 2013 by Stephanie Pieper

Bottega Louie

Portfolio by Vanessa Stump

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