Best Felt Tip Pens for Landscape Designers

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This post is part of Tutorial Tuesday, a series hosted by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot . Tutorial Tuesday aims to help students improve the artworks in their college art portfolio by teaching various hand drawing techniques.

Best Felt Tip Pens for Illustrators

As a landscape designer, getting the right amount of depth and volume to the lines of your drawing is crucial when presenting your design ideas in front of your professor or client. While learning how to make a landscape design using a computer software, it’s just as important to learn how to bring your design ideas to life using the best felt tip pens and paper.

Landscape designers bear the responsibility of bringing together art, nature, and culture in their design. Aside from landscape planning, they also deal with specific garden designs that they have to present to their clients for approval and construction.

However, for these designers to make the most out of their skills, they must learn about the best felt tip pens for their profession.

Learning how to draw on the spot as a landscape designer is a huge advantage once you get into the job market. While many clients want to see the design ideas you have, only a few will be willing to wait for a rendered design using a computer software. In fact, some would want to see the design on the spot.

This is why having the necessary drawing skills using the best felt tip pens will get you a higher chance of persuading your client to hire you.

For landscape design students still learning the ropes of learning how to draw, the video shows Karen Kesteloot discussing the different and best felt tip pens to use for your drawings.

Key takeaways

  • Brush markers have a bendable tip, they make it easy to add texture and design for your drawings, they are great for landscape architects, can be purchased as a set containing different colors specifically for landscape artists.
  • Broad tip markers last a long time due to the size and come in bold styles (due to thicker tip)
  • V tip markers have a thin tip with chiseled point; turning the pen when sketching allows you to get thicker line. This marker type is also ideal for drawing delicate sketches such as for the branches of a tree (to get different volumes of lines on each branch)
  • Calligraphy pens have a wedge-shaped tip, which is good for lettering
  • For sketchier drawings (i.e. thin lines), hold the pen with your hand further away from the tip and apply less pressure; for more precise and concentrated drawing, move your hand closer to the tip and apply more pressure

It’s one thing to know the best felt tips to use for drawing your landscape designs. It’s another to actually learn how to use them correctly!

If you want to improve your drawing skills using felt tip pens, hire Karen as your coach! Not only will she teach you how to use the best felt tip pens to their fullest effect, but also help you improve your portfolio presentation to design programs in college!

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