How to Become a Filmmaker: An Interview with Joe Lam

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How to Become a Filmmaker - An Interview with Joe Lam

While making a film is tough, considering that you have different things to manage, what makes it even more difficult is not having the right information on how to become succesful. In this exclusive interview at the PortPrep Blog, we feature a person who’s made it in the industry as a proud filmmaker through hard work and perseverance as he shares his personal experiences that will teach people how to become a filmmaker.

There’s arguably nothing more satisfying than being a filmmaker. Not only do you have full control of what is put out in film, but the product is also something that you call your own.

For those who want to know how to become a filmmaker, you also must understand that making a film is never as easy as it seems. There are so many stages involved in film-making, from story and idea generation down to the screening, that you’ll have to manage. Only a filmmaker with intense devotion to his or her craft will be able to put out a polished product for public consumption.

One such filmmaker is Joe Lam, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. After graduating from Academy of Art University in 2002 and winning multiple awards, Joe started his professional career as a below-the-line employee. Eventually, through hard work and determination, he is now currently a producer and director at Shining Lights Productions and is an author of “Teenage Dreams: How to Make a Successful Teen Comedy Movie.

“The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot was lucky enough to interview Joe Lam along with her co-op student and aspiring filmmaker Riley Finniss and ask questions on how to become a filmmaker. Check out the streaming audio below and listen to what Joe has to say. Also look at our comments where Joe answers specific questions from Karen and Riley if you wish to skip forward.

Over the 30-minute mark of this clip, Joe discusses in detail his book “Teenage Dreams: How to Make a Successful Teen Move” with Riley . This part of the interview contains great wealth of information on how the book was made and how it ties in with how to become a filmmaker.

Below is the interview in video format on Youtube.

Key takeaway

If there’s one thing that aspiring filmmakers should learn from Joe Lam, then it has to be his perseverance in this trying industry.

As mentioned, Joe started out as a below-the-line employee in movie production company and was merely a spoke in a wheel. He was only doing a part of what his talents and skills demanded of him. Instead of working through the motions hoping for a raise or a promotion, Joe took the less road taken by setting up his own production company.

From there, he was able to apply the breadth of his knowledge and skills and was therefore happier and more productive as a filmmaker.

If you want to become a filmmaker, you first must need to develop not only your artistic skills, but also learn the best practices of building a winning art portfolio! In order to do this, you will need “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot’s help.

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