Are You Being a Supportive Parent to Your Aspiring Art Student?

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For parents, there’s nothing worse than not providing your child the opportunity to become successful in the future. However, parents can sometimes have a different idea on what’s the best for their child. If you have reservations about your child wanting to become a college art student, then you must read this article to shed light on any doubts you have with the choice your child makes.

Parents only want the best for their children, especially once they graduate from high school and are about to enter college life. They wish not only for the happiness of their children, but also for them to reap the benefits of receiving a good education and make a good fortune for themselves as they begin their professional careers.

For parents of high school seniors who applied for the art and design program, it is your responsibility to provide them all the help they need to get into their college of choice.

However, there are those who aren’t happy with the choice of their child.

It has to be understood that parent’s expectations don’t exclusively go together with what makes their children happy. High school seniors may have chosen arts as their college course because it is their passion. On the other hand, parents want them to take up a course that’s in line with their family business or will give them more financial stability in the future.

If this is the situation with you and your child, would you approve of their plan of becoming an art student?

Some very good reason why you should let your attend arts college

While all that you want for your child is the best, there are times that you need to let them make decisions for themselves. Therefore, you have to come into terms with your children’s choice to enter art school, if you haven’t yet.

Think about it – if you try to sway your high school senior to take a different course for personal reasons, then you are preventing him or her from fulfilling what he or she will eventually become.

Worse, you are making your child unhappy because you prevent them from making personal decisions. While you have nothing but good intentions when you want them to take a different course, you are also not letting them grow from their choices in life. They will make mistakes and fall down along the way, and the thing you can do as a parent is help them stand up and let them walk again.

Simply put, it is best to let your children become men and women by letting them pursue their dreams at this stage in their lives.

The biggest obstacle keeping your children from making their art dreams come true, and how you can help them overcome it

With the budget cuts in the art occurring last year, art programs in high schools are working at a disadvantage. Even before the budget cuts took place, high schools lack the necessary education to prepare students for a course in the arts. Here’s “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot as she explains why students are not receiving the most out of their arts education in high school.

Click here for more information about this.

Now, art teachers are forced against their will to make more changes to an already compromised education of the students. As a result, the chances of your child getting into an art or design program in college have gotten significantly lower!

As a parent, you want your aspiring art student to get into college and grant him or her the opportunity to make it as a professional artist. This is why you should give them the education they need that high school won’t be able to give them by signing them up for one of Karen’s coaching services at PortPrep!

Through PortPrep, your child will pick up the things that colleges look for in an art student. More importantly, your child will learn how to improve their artworks and organize their art portfolio to ensure their spot at the art or design college of their choice!

To learn how to enroll your child in one of Karen’s coaching services, click here or on the banner below.

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