Must-See Drawing Tutorials to Help You Make an Art Portfolio

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The quality of your art portfolio determines whether or not you will get into arts college. Any flaw found by college professors in your portfolio can ruin your application. However, if you watch the drawing tutorials made by Karen Kesteloot featured below, you will not only improve your drawing techniques, but also increase your chances of getting into your choice of art or design program in college!

“The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot has dedicated most of her life in helping out high school seniors make their art dreams come true by getting them into the best art and design schools in the nation. She has done this through PortPrep, which helps student make a winning art portfolio to showcase their art skills the best way possible and guarantee them a spot in arts college.

Karen has done this through her coaching packages and her FREE Portfolio Assessment, both of which have helped a number of students get into their choice of college programs related to arts and design!

However, Karen is not yet done in reaching out to students all over the world!

In line with her mission of getting students a better opportunity to get into arts college, Karen has set up a Youtube channel that features helpful and insightful drawing tutorials! The videos aim to help students learn the ropes on how they should set up their art portfolio and correct their drawing techniques!

Below is a playlist titled “How-to Drawings” containing all of Karen’s best drawing tutorials about one point perspective, how to draw still life, and how to make your artworks look better by cropping them, among other videos!

If you like the videos featured in the playlist above, then you must subscribe Karen’s channel on Youtube!

Aside from drawing tutorials, her channel also contains interview with successful people and artists to inspire you on your quest to become a college student and some of her portfolio assessment sessions with students who got into art school!

Click here to subscribe to Karen’s Youtube channel!

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