How to Overcome Fear of Failure as an Artist? Just Keep Doing What You Love

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Der Arme Poet

Fear paralyzes people on their way to success. For artists there is this fear of having no buyers for their artworks and struggling to make ends meet. While some would be overwhelmed by the pressure and give up on their dreams, a true artist embraces the possibility of failure and the other challenges ahead. Because in order to learn how to overcome fear of failure, an artist must accept it as part of the progress towards success.

“The poor poet” is a painting by Carl Spitzweg and depicts the minimalist lifestyle of an artist during the 19th century. Instead of focusing their energies towards making their lives as comfortable as possible, artists back then were more concerned with making their artworks as great as they could be.

The idea of a starving artist has changed from those with intense devotion to their craft to describing those who are having a difficult time making ends meet. Over the years, there has been a misconception about artists as poor not because they want to be, but because they were forced to live this kind of life.

There is no lack of passion and urgency from artists as they keep creating artworks to showcase and sell to collectors. However, due to numerous factors (particularly the high level of entry in certain fields of the arts), some artists have found it difficult to get their pieces featured into galleries. Their works have been rejected by curators because they weren’t up to standard.

As a result, artists must take low-entry jobs to support their finances while continuing to hone their craft and hopefully break through in the industry.

In a way, they are viewed as failures because they were unable to measure up to the standards set in their industry and are forced to take jobs outside their field of expertise. It is indeed an uncomfortable position that can convince any artist to ultimately look for a different job.

This belief in the (false) notion of a starving artist might lead you to ask this question:

Will my future look like this after I graduate from art school?

While being an artist may sound alarming to some people, given the preconceived notion of a starving artist, this doesn’t mean you must give up your dream of becoming an artist, especially if you have a deep and insatiable passion for making art.

There is nothing quite like getting featured in a gallery and gaining new clients through showcasing your best work.. There is this sense of fulfillment that can neither be replaced or replicated by any other achievement made in another profession.

In other words, if you love art and/or design, then you should not be afraid of whatever happens in being an artist.

Take a cue from Blake Nicholson, who did not get into college in his first try due to insufficient grade point average in high school (83%) and his underdeveloped art portfolio. He narrates in the below video how he was surprised with the portfolio process and how meticulous professors were in looking at each page in the portfolio.

While his college application was rejected, this did not deter him from pursuing a different college portfolio.In order to raise his grade average and improve his portfolio, Blake enlisted the help of “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot, who has had success before in getting students to their colleges of choice. Through intensive training, Blake was able to increase his grade point average to 88% and learned different drawing techniques that made his art portfolio better than ever. More importantly, Blake found a new sense of confidence in himself that is important for people who want to become an artist.

Through his failure, Blake found a new lease in life – his second try at college application has gotten him into the Architectural Science program at Ryerson University! He wasn’t afraid of failure and faced the problem head on by getting the necessary help to improve in his craft.

If you really want to know how overcome fear of failure as an artist, the answer is simple: experience and learn from it.

Through experience, you get to feel what it’s like to try your very best only to come up short.

Through experience, you will learn what needs to be done in order to not only improve your work, but also to improve yourself.

Through experience, you will get to understand that being an artist has its turns of ups and downs and that success is only found after having failed. And that is a good thing. Because only when you really love doing something, only then will you accept failure as part of the process in succeeding and become the artist you ought to be.

To make the most our of your failures and turn them into successes as an art student moving forward, get Karen to help you improve your drawing skills and create better pieces on your art portfolio. Click here or on the banner below for more information!

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