The Question about PortPrep That’s on Everyone’s Mind

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PortPrep Portfolio Coaching Services

We at PortPrep have been working hard on getting the word out about Karen’s coaching packages that has gotten ALL her students into their art and design programs of their choice! However, we want to dispel any doubts about the effectiveness of our services by letting our satisfied students speak on our behalf!

PortPrep has been around for more than two years helping students out, in particular high school seniors, on building a college art portfolio that will guarantee them a spot in their choice of art or design program.

We at PortPrep Blog have been delivering content that showcases “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot as an excellent and trustworthy art instructor through her portfolio coaching services. We display this mostly on Tuesdays during our Tutorial Tuesday, where we put up her Youtube videos as she shares the best practices on how to draw and improve the pieces in your art portfolio.

These videos and posts are meant to convince readers to try out Karen’s services to guarantee them a sport in the best art and design programs in college.

However, despite all this, there is always this one question on student’s minds:

Does PortPrep really work?

While we won’t hesitate to recommend Karen’s insanely helpful portfolio coaching services services to you, we think that, in this case, it’s best to let the students who tried out her coaching packages tell how it’s worked for them!

Mahan and Kylie

Mahan enrolled in Karen’s coaching services and got the necessary help he needs for improving his sketching and drawing skills, both of which are important in getting into an architecture program. Kylie, once an aspiring graphic design student, made her dreams becoming reality with Karen’s help in boosting her confidence. This boost in confidence helped her ace the interview process. You can view what they have to say about Karen by watching the video below.

Valery Somerville

Valery also suffered from lack of confidence because of her inferiority complex – mainly, she puts herself down quite often. By building up Valery’s confidence and making her believe in her own skills and abilities, Karen was able to help Valery become more organized and improve her techniques. As a result, Valery got into OCAD University! "So this past saturday my friend Karen Kesteloot came to the ocad region for portfolio day she created this really cool buisness called Portprep, she does portfolio assessments and has a 100% success rate of people she aids getting accepted to their school of choice, and is the reason I got accepted to ocad! If any of you know anyone trying to get into art school i highly recommend her services! please like her page Portprep and support the artistic community!" -Valery Somerville

For more information on how Karen helped Valery, click here to read our blog post!

Adam Oliphant

Adam wanted to become an architect student in college. However, with less than two months left before the deadline of portfolio submissions, Adam had nothing to show for. Despite having time to prepare artworks for his architecture portfolio, Adam procrastinated because he didn’t know where to begin and was pressured by the task at hand.

Through Karen’s coaching, Adam was able to break the tasks of building an art portfolio into different and doable steps. The result was a resounding success – not only was Adam able to create an art portfolio in time, but he was also one of the 5% who got into Ryerson University to study the Architectural Science program.

Below is the portfolio that got him into college.

Here’s what Adam had to say about the entire experience with Karen.

To view Adam’s journey from starting out with nothing and ending up with a winning art portfolio, check out our playlist on Youtube by clicking here!


Zoe wanted to study Interior Design in college but there was just one hitch – she had never drawn before. Within the 1 1/2 months of working with Karen, Zoe learned the basic drawing skills, in particular one point perspective drawing, that served her well in making her portfolio. Through her hard work and determination, Zoe got into the Interior Design program at Humber College!

Below is a video that shows how grateful Zoe was to Karen for getting her to the college of her choice. Also included in the video is an excerpt of Karen’s interview with Mark McKoy, the 1992 Olympics gold medalist for the 110-meter dash.

For more rave reviews about PortPrep and Karen’s coaching services, watch another video below from other students whom she help get into college!

Are you finally convinced that PortPrep is right for you?

If so, head on to Karen’s portfolio coaching services by clicking here or on the banner below and choose which one suits your needs the most.

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