Make a Winning Art Portfolio – Hear What These Successful People Have to Say!

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Make a Winning Art Portfolio - Hear What These Successful People Have to Say

Sometimes skills aren’t enough to make an art portfolio. This is the case for highly artistic and talented high school seniors planning to become college art students. They may need words of wisdom from people who have gone through the hardships of applying to college and carving a nice career out of their education. In this post, we would like to share to you Karen’s playlist on her Youtube channel that contain her interviews filled with great advice from artists, professionals, and other successful people!

“The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot’s mission as owner of PortPrep is to provide students with the advantage of having an art portfolio that will “WOW” professors who will review your works.

An art portfolio that showcases your best works and is ordered with a flow in mind will get you into the best art and design programs in college! Click here to learn how you can do this!

If you are aware of the best practices on how to make an art portfolio but still need more words of encouragement to maximize this opportunity afforded to you then you should head on to Karen’s Youtube channel and check out the Interviews playlist.

The playlist shows Karen Kesteloot interviewing some of the most successful people in the arts and design field, as well as people in different areas of expertise. The purpose of Karen conducting these interviews is to inspire high school seniors with words of wisdom to make the most out of their opportunity of applying to an art program in college.

Below is Karen’s interview video with Rhode Island School of Design instructor and visual artist Clara Lieu as she gives out insightful advice on how to choose an arts college to apply for. Her expertise in this matter is warranted – Clara has been writing an advice column for the Huffington Post titled “Ask the Art Professor.”

Learn more about Clara by checking out her website!

Karen also had the privilege of interviewing Hollywood animator Mike L. Murphy, who has worked in films like Lord of the Rings, Iron Man, and Harry Potter. His success was predicated by his work ethic and ability to make and maintain connections, which he thoroughly explains in the video below.

Click here to visit Mike’s official site!

As mentioned, some of the people Karen has interviewed are not necessarily confined within the arts field, which is a good thing. While you, as an aspiring art student, would want to learn as much as possible from people relevant to your field of study, there is also wisdom to be found and heard from people outside your field as well!

In the video below, Olympian Mark McKoy narrates how effective coaching has been important in his success as a sprinter. A gifted coach not only improves the technique and skill of the athlete, but also instills to the athlete the mentality of a winner. Mark credits his coach Malcolm Arnold for improving his step as he runs, which resulted to winning a gold medal in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics!

Go to Mark’s blog to see fitness tips!

Just like Mark’s coach, Karen knows a thing or two about helping out students achieve their art dreams. She has been getting high school seniors make an art portfolio that guarantees them a spot into their choice of art and design colleges! If you’re interested to try out her coaching services, click here or on the banner below for more information!

coaching packagesFor more interviews from Karen’s Youtube channel, click here!


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