Alternative Ink Drawing Methods

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This post is part of Tutorial Tuesday, a series hosted by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot. Tutorial Tuesday aims to help students improve the artworks in their college art portfolio by teaching various hand drawing techniques.

Alternative Ink Drawing Methods

In art, there’s always more than one way to make compelling pieces for your art portfolio! In today’s Tutorial Tuesday, we look at alternative ink drawing methods, which makes use of different materials than the usual pen, pencil, or brush. Learn in this post why you should consider including alternative ink drawings in your portfolio and how you can make your own.

In an art portfolio, it is important to showcase your creativity just as much as your artistic skills. If you are really good at hand drawing, then most of your works must gravitate towards showing that particular skill. After all, it is wise to put your best foot forward to increase your chances of getting into the art or design program of your choice.

But let’s face it – college professors will browse through hundreds and thousands of hand drawings from the art portfolios of applicants. There’s a possibility that your hand drawing samples, as strong as they look, might get lost in the mix and be forgotten by professors.

Therefore, it is necessary that you include really remarkable pieces in your art portfolio. One way of doing that is by way of alternative ink drawing.

Most people would immediately associate ink drawing with a brush. Some people would think of a chop stick, straw, or a piece of styrofoam. Alternative ink drawing does exactly that – make a compelling piece of ink drawing using unusual materials.

By including an alternative ink drawing in your portfolio, you show to college professors that you have the creativity and ingenuity to pull off stunning artworks, regardless of the materials you use!

In the videos below, watch Karen perform ink drawing using materials that you never thought possible in creating interesting artworks. These would surely make and impression to professors and put you in their minds when making a decision on whether or not you should be accepted to arts college!

Alternative Ink Drawing Methods Video

Key takeaways

There are no rules in art. As long as you communicate your ideas clearly through your artwork, it doesn’t matter the form or medium you used to achieve that. A great work is something that immediately captures the eye and makes people think, so aim for those kinds of reactions with your art portfolio.

If you want to unlock your talents for alternative ink drawing, then you need to enlist the services of “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot. She knowledgeable in different art disciplines and practices (aside from the videos below, Karen graduated with a degree in Interior Design and Fine Arts). More importantly, she has gotten all her students to their preferred art and design programs in college!

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