Read This If You Want to Become an Architecture College Student!

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Read This If You Want to Become an Architecture College Student

To be able to practice designing buildings, houses, and structures for a living, you need to go through the ropes by graduating with an architecture degree in college. To get there you have to show through your college application that you have the skills and creativity to become an architect by way of your art portfolio. In this post, you will learn how to make an art portfolio the best it can be to increase your chances of getting into your architecture college of choice.

Getting into architecture college requires high school students to present an art portfolio that showcases their creativity and drawing skills. Sure, a good good point average is almost necessary to get into any college. However, your grades in high school won’t mean much if other college applicants boast the same GPA, if not greater.

Therefore, if you are a high school senior planning to study at an architecture college, then you must start building an art portfolio as early as today! Why? Because your portfolio is the deciding factor on whether or not you will get into your choice of architecture college.

An art and design program in college will mainly focus on your idea generation to come up with fresh concepts for your pieces, as well as motor skills to properly communicate your ideas visually through your drawings or computer-rendered works.

Your art portfolio must show these particular skills to increase your chances of getting into an architecture college!

Okay, so how should I make great portfolio?

Not only should you just make an art portfolio, but you must focus on making a winning art portfolio.

A winning art portfolio is optimized in such a way that all your pieces are arranged in a logical order. This will ensure that your best works are emphasized and that you clearly show your aptitude for art and design!

A winning art portfolio shows that the applicant is aware of branding through their artworks. This will make their portfolios more memorable in the eyes of college professors who will review your work and will guarantee you a spot at the architecture program you applied for!

Finally, a winning art portfolio is assessed and reviewed by a seasoned art instructor. This allows applicants to see mistakes on their artworks that only a well-trained artist would see. By correcting the mistakes on their works, applicants will be able to submit a superior and better portfolio!

If you are interested in creating a winning art portfolio that will ensure you a spot at your choice of architecture college, then you should get “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot to help you make a portfolio!

Throughout the years, Karen has been helping aspiring architecture students get into college through her coaching and instruction. Here are some testimonial videos she’s received from students whom she helped get into architecture college.

If you want to get into an architecture program in college just like the students from the video, then you must click here or on the banner below to learn more on how you can get Karen’s coaching services!

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