Graphic Design Coaching Got This Student into Arts College!

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Another Student Get into Arts College

Getting into your an art or design college is no walk in the park. Not only will you need advanced skills in creating artwork, but you’ll also have to physically show them to professors through your art portfolio. In this post, watch how graphic design coaching did wonders to this student who started out without an artwork to show for months before the deadline of submissions.

“The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot is at it again! This time, she offered her graphic design coaching to a student who wanted to get into design college.

Kylie is a high school students who wants to study graphic design in college. She attended a pre-interview to her college of choice in November and found out that presenting an art portfolio containing her collection of drawings and paintings is part of the requirement of getting into college.

At that point, Kylie had nothing to show for with a couple of months left before the deadline of submissions!

Creating an art portfolio may take an idea year to finish and complete. Along the process of creating your art portfolio, you will also have to show your portfolio at events like National Portfolio Day or consult with a professional art coach to see if your artworks are ready to be shown to professors for deliberation.

The process of getting your art portfolio up to the standards set by college art professors can be stressful and overwhelming, which may discourage applicants from applying to their choice of school.

Instead of calling it quits, Kylie and her mom got Karen to teach her how to build an art portfolio that will get them into college despite the limited time left before the deadline.

The result? Kylie not only produced a portfolio in time, but her portfolio also got her into the graphic design program in college!

If you’re interested in getting ahead of the pack by making your art portfolio as early as today, then here’s your chance to get Karen’s graphic design coaching services! Click here or on the banner below for more information.

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If you want to try out her services first and see whether or not you want her full graphic design coaching package, then send her the draft of your portfolio so she can conduct a 30-minute video chat with you to discuss your work and what you need to do to improve it at no costs to you! Click here or on the banner below for more information about her FREE Portfolio Assessment.

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