How to Draw the Perfect Ellipse

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This post is part of Tutorial Tuesday, a series hosted by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot. Tutorial Tuesday aims to help students improve the artworks in their college art portfolio by teaching various hand drawing techniques.

An ellipse is a circle viewed at an angle. It is drawn using the horizontal line and vertical line to form the center line. Along each line are two indicators opposite each other having an equal distance away from the center line.

How to Draw a Balanced Ellipse Freehand

An ellipse is difficult to draw because of its shape and angle. While there have been ways that detail how to draw an ellipse using a compass, string, and two pins, this Tutorial Tuesday post will tackle drawing an ellipse just by using your hands and measuring with your eye.

The line whose indicators have the shorter distance is called the minor axis. The line whose indicators have the greater distance is called the major axis. The major axis is where the circle is leaning on to create a minor axis.

Drawing an ellipse is tricky for beginners. There are lots of way to draw an ellipse – one of the more popular and accurate methods is by using a compass, a string, and two pins. However, you can still draw a perfect ellipse without using any tool at all.

In the video below, Karen teaches you how to draw an ellipse in freehand through sight measuring.

Key Takeaways

  • Draw an indicator for the left half/right half, as well as the top half and bottom half. Their measurements must be equal with each other
  • Use a ruler to check if the indicators from the same axis have the same distance away from the center line.
  • Lightly draw the outline to the ellipse using the indicators on the centerlines until you get a nice even shade. Thicken once you have the correct outline for the ellipse.
  • To make drawing the ellipse more comfortable for your hand, tilt the page or turn the page around
  • If you’re not really good at measuring figures using your eye, then you must train yourself in sight measuring to avoid using tools and still draw an accurate ellipse, circle, or figures that are difficult to draw. Click here to learn more about sight measuring.

If you want to draw more accurate figures to impress college professors with your art portfolio, then you simply must get Karen to coach you! Not only will she help you improve your drawing techniques, but she will help you build a winning art portfolio that will surely get you into the best art colleges out there!

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