Oval Drawing: How to Use Ovals for Adding Shape and Volume in Your Drawings

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This post is part of Tutorial Tuesday, a series hosted by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot. Tutorial Tuesday aims to help students improve the artworks in their college art portfolio by teaching various hand drawing techniques.

oval drawing

Oval drawing is a very helpful technique to accurately capture your subject on paper. In this Tutorial Tuesday post is a video that features Karen teaching oval drawing to one of her students to create more volume in your artworks to be included in your art portfolio.

A perfect oval drawing requires precision and exact measurement. For starters, an oval is formed by the intersecting arcs from two perfectly drawn circles. Drawing a perfect circle is difficult enough (unless you’re using a compass), so oval drawing isn’t exactly something you can easily pull off for your artwork.

However, ovals shouldn’t look “perfect” in your drawings, either. It all depends on their function in your drawing. If you are drawing a profile of a person, ovals are drawn to represent as guidelines to the shape and contours of your drawing.

In the video below, Karen explains how to do oval drawing the right way to one of her students.

Key takeaways

Search for the right oval shape for your drawing by lightly running your pencil on the paper repeatedly. Once you get the right shape, move on to the next oval you plan on drawing and repeat the process. After you’ve drawn all the ovals for your artwork, create the outside contour through the inside shapes of your oval drawing. For the ovals you’ve drawn that you don’t plan on using, make them part of the contour and volume.

If you want to learn more about oval drawing or other skills that you need to create compelling artworks for your art portfolio, then enlist Karen’s professional help. She will not only teach you advanced drawing skills that are required from art college applicants, but also create an art portfolio that will get you to your choice of art or design program in college!

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