Charcoal Drawing Techniques

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charcoal drawing techniques

Develop your charcoal drawing techniques by checking out the tutorial videos and articles from The Virtual Instructor, Craftsy, and more in this post!

This post is part of Tutorial Tuesday, a series hosted by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot. Tutorial Tuesday aims to help students improve the artworks in their college art portfolio by teaching various hand drawing techniques.

Creating a well-composed charcoal drawing is a skill that you as an artist must learn how to do. It’s not simply about letting the charcoal run down your paper to draw figures and the background – the thickness of the charcoal lends to textures lines with lots of volume that can be manipulated to your advantage.

If done correctly, you can do stunning charcoal drawings like this one:

While we at PortPrep have covered the basics about charcoal drawing in this post, we’ll like to extend our hand to aspiring art students out there who need to learn charcoal drawing techniques and make better artworks that we would like to include in their portfolio. Below are links to great resources about different charcoal drawing techniques and tips. Click on the title to open a new window and view the article.

Charcoal Drawing Techniques- How to Draw with Charcoal (Skull Drawing)

In case you need a refresher course in charcoal drawing, look no further than this drawing tutorial at The Virtual Instructor. Aside from describing the most used charcoal tools for drawing and how to put the drawing in place using fixatif to prevent accidentally smudging of the charcoal, there is a video below the post showing viewers how to draw a skull using a vine charcoal.

4 Tips on Drawing with Charcoal

Rebecca Schweiger, Founder/CEO of the Art Studio NY, shows viewers the blending abilities of charcoal drawing materials and the difference between vine and compressed charcoal. She also advises viewers to experiment with charcoal to see what it can do for their drawings and explore the possibilities that they can create with it.

Introduction to Drawing With Charcoal

This step-by-step tutorial article at Craftsy will help you understand the common process that artists undergo in drawing using charcoal. The article includes the different materials used for the tutorial and high-resolution images of the charcoal drawing to help you visualize what you have to draw by the end of the lesson.

Charcoal Drawing Techniques

Artist Doug Boomhower explains his process of drawing from pictures using charcoal. He thoroughly explains the details in his charcoal drawing, i.e. how he achieved the desired texture by using a particular charcoal, how the use of gesture lines in his drawings create a sense of movement, etc. This is a must-read article for people who want to read a detailed approached from an artist who knows his stuff.

How To Draw With Charcoal: Part 1 – Landscape From Photo

Joanne Thomas of has put out a 30-minute long video tutorial on how to draw landscape from photo using charcoal. Originally a watercolorist, Ms. Thomas explains how much charcoal drawing has made her even better at watercolor by showing to her viewers the best way on how to draw with charcoal.

How about you, dear reader – are there any charcoal drawing techniques that you’d like to share to aspiring artists out there? Do you know other great resources that have thought you a thing or two about charcoal drawing? Let us know by commenting below!

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