6 Highly Effective Ways to Generate College Art Portfolio Ideas

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7 Highly Effective Ways to Generate Ideas for Your College Art Portfolio

Come up with ideas for your art portfolio that will make you go “eureka!” to boost your chances of getting into arts college.

One of the biggest obstacles in making an art portfolio for college is generating ideas for your artworks. Not just ideas, mind you, but unique and fresh ideas that let college professors know who you are as an artist.

While skill is just as important in your art portfolio (after all, how would you be able to communicate your ideas without having the skill to bring your ideas to life?), your talents would be put to better use by coming up with ideas of your own. Including anime or derivative drawings in your portfolio won’t do you any favors to college professors who will review your portfolio for admission.

Art school is not merely a place where students can refine their skills, but also a learning center where you must train how they must use your experiences, environment, and imagination to come up with compelling artworks.

But first, you need to show through your art portfolio that you are capable of coming up with brazen ideas that push the boundaries of art. Here are some ideas on how you can do them.

Before reading the post below, make sure that you also check out our earlier post on drawing inspiration for your art portfolio titled “Making an Artistic Impact – The Creative Inspiration Process in Building Your Art Portfolio.”

Draw ideas on your notebook

As an aspiring artist, it is important to capture your ideas as they are fresh in your mind. However, ideas almost always pop up when you least expect them – when you’re about to go to sleep, wandering off while riding a public transportation, and others.

By carrying a small notebook wherever you go, you are able to catch and store those fleeting ideas. You can soon revisit these ideas later on to turn them into full-blown artworks that you can include in your portfolio.

Visit exhibits and museums

Check out nearby galleries and places that hold art exhibits and visit them to fuel your inspiration. You don’t have to necessarily love the artworks on display. At the very least, the exhibits should broaden your scope on the possibilities of art as a creative form and how you can incorporate the works you’ve seen into your portfolio.

Search for images online

You don’t have to get out of the house to get some art portfolio ideas. A quick image search on Google or Bing about your favorite art styles and artists should show you websites you’re looking for.

At PortPrep, we have compiled some of the finest works in the different art styles found online at the Best Art Portfolio page. Click here to view the best online works in animation, interior design, architecture, and more!

Talk to other aspiring artists

amurca / Pixabay

What better way to generate art portfolio ideas than by talking to people who share the same goals? If you have classmates who plan on applying to art and design programs in college, then talk to them. Ask them how their art portfolios are coming along. Maybe they’ve been attending to summer camps or seminars that have helped them improving their skills as they build their portfolio. Or you could simply share thoughts about each other’s artworks to gain a better perspective about the works you plan on submitting.

Upload your works online

Lots of people nowadays use the internet as medium to showcase their artworks to the public. According to this infographic, there are at least 3 million portfolios uploaded by users on the top three online portfolio sites – Behance, Carbonmade, and deviantART. By creating a portfolio on any of the portfolio sites available, you can easily share your artworks to other people by sending them the link to the portfolio.

More importantly, you can generate ideas from your portfolio sites by reading what artists have to say about your work. Use their constructive criticism to make your work better and gain more ideas for your portfolio.

Need more reasons on why you should upload your portfolio online? Click here.

Get coaching to help you come up with art portfolio ideas

There’s no way around it – if you want help with your art portfolio, then you will need an art instructor who knows how to bring out the best in your skills and ideas.

You can start by going to your art teachers in high school and ask for their opinions on what you should do to improve your work for free. You can also wait for National Portfolio Day starting this November and go to colleges and universities where professors from different art and design programs will pay their visit and give free advice to students about their portfolios. For a guide on how to prepare for a National Portfolio Day, click here.

If you want to come up with great art portfolio ideas to increase the probability of you getting into your art or design program of choice in college, then hire “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot as your portfolio coach! She has great success in getting high school seniors get accepted into college through their art portfolio.

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