Karen Brushes Off for a Good Cause

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“The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot has been an art instructor for more than 16 years. Through her instruction, she has gotten high school students get into their art and design programs of choice in college by helping them build a winning art portfolio.

On February 8 of this year, however, Karen lent her artistic talents that tested her ingenuity and creativity for a good cause.

PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot participating in the Brush Off Event last February 8, 2014.

PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot participating in the Brush Off Event last February 8, 2014.

The Brush Off Event pits 24 artists in the Guelph, ON area to a grueling four-round competition that encourages the artists to use different materials to create the artwork, with each round lasting for 30 minutes. Artists have no idea for the theme of each round until the round actually begins, which adds to the unpredictability and excitement in this friendly competition.

In the video below, watch Karen as she uses a spatula, chopstick, and other unusual materials to create her compelling artwork.

For her valiant efforts, Karen won second place, with artists Meredith Blackmore winning first prize and Ryan Prize capturing bronze.

However, this event was not about the winning artists. Rather, it was to show the ability of art to help people overcome death in their family.


Hospice Wellington serves the Guelph and Wellington area.

Hospice Wellington serves the Guelph and Wellington area. Click here for more information.

Hospice Wellington is a volunteer-supported organization that has been offering care, support, and assistance to people who have relatives and family members suffering from life-threatening illnesses in the Guelph area since 1980. The organization works through donations from charitable institutions and fundraising events, one of those is the Brush Off Event.

All proceeds from the Brush Off Event go to the Art Therapy program at Hospice Wellington. The program is headed by Nicole Fantin who facilitates one on one or group counseling to cope with the feelings of emotions of people whose family members are terminally ill.

If you are in the Guelph and Wellington area and are need help to process out your emotions due to a life-threatening illness to one of your relatives, then please click here to learn more about how Hospice Wellington can help you. If you wish become a Hospice volunteer, please click here for steps to becoming one.

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