Adam’s Architecture Dream…Achieved!

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Adam's Architecture Dream...Achieved!

Learn what Adam Oliphant did to turn his architecture dream into reality! Involves taking up summer camps, beating procrastination, and more.

Adam Oliphant aspired to become an architect ever since he was young. However, he realized that there’s nothing to achieve if he keeps dreaming. He must will himself to do whatever it takes to get into an architecture program in college and fulfill his destiny as an professional architect!

Below is a Youtube playlist of Adam’s interviews with “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot as he discusses to her his fears, aspirations, and obstacles he needed to overcome in order to turn his architecture dream into reality!

Key takeaways:

Attend summer camps

Going to art camps or even signing up for online courses during the summer help college applicants work on their craft in preparation of creating a portfolio for college admissions. Colleges and universities only accept applicants with not only the best grade point average, but also a well-compiled portfolio that features their best works.

Adam took the Architecture Summer Camp at Ryerson University, which we detailed in this post. Adam had to sacrifice some of his free time during the summer to improve his skills, and improve he did!

Also, while you’re at the school, you might as well take a campus tour and get a better idea about the school’s education and culture. Since you will be studying and finishing your course work at that school, you might as well choose one that fosters a culture where you can fit in and a teaching style that suits you. Of course, you can only do this by scheduling for multiple colleges tours and see which ones you prefer on applying to. For a quick guide on how to make the most out of your campus tours, click here and here.

Beat procrastination

While Adam has the tools to get a great art portfolio done, the real problem he had to deal with is procrastination. Despite his abilities, Adam was unable to get a single artwork done for his portfolio with a couple of weeks looming into the deadline of submissions. The task of coming up with artworks over a short period of time got into him, leaving him stressed out and dejected.

However, with proper planning as seen in this article, Adam was able to get back on his feet and break down the tasks at hand into smaller tasks that he accomplished day by day. Eventually, by keeping focus and his determination to achieve his goal, Adam was able to finish all his requirements and submit his portfolio on time.

Get help!

At times, it’s better to NOT do something on your own. Having someone looking out for you with building an art portfolio, whether it’s a friend or your parents, can help motivate and inspire you to do your best and make the most out of your opportunity.

In Adam’s case, he enlisted the help of “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot, who is an experienced art instructor in the Guelph, ON area. Karen once checked portfolio submissions by applicants at Sheridan College so she knows a thing or two on what factors colleges look from from applicants through their portfolios. Most importantly, she has a 100% acceptance rate, which means that all the students she taught has gotten into their colleges of choice!

With Karen’s help, Adam was able to overcome his procrastination problems and produced this portfolio:

With this portfolio, Adam was able to get accepted into the Architectural Science Program at Ryerson University!

The feeling after hearing this must have made Adam more than happy. After years of wanting to become an architect, down until the moment when he got stuck and unable to get back on his feet, and up to when Karen helped him create a winning art portfolio, it certainly is a dream come true for him!

If you are planning on attending an art or design program in college, then you should get Karen’s coaching services at improve your chances of acceptance, just like she did with all her students! She starts with improving your drawing skills and works her way down to your other artistic skills that will enable you to create a winning art portfolio!

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