Architecture Tips that Will Save You In College

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Resources to Architecture Tips

Learn some of the best architecture tips from different online resources to help guide you in studying architecture in college.

Before becoming a professional architect, you will have to go trial by fire by studying architecture in college. From there, you will learn the ropes of what it takes to practice architecture in the real world, from the theories and concepts to the discipline and work ethic.

In order to get there, however, sleepless nights will be endured and cups of coffee will be consumed. Suffice to say, studying architecture is no walk in the park. And that’s the way it should be – if it were easy, then everybody would be doing it.

To help guide you in your time as an architecture student in college, below are links to different online resources that feature the best architecture tips.


This site is hosted at Tumblr and allows architecture students young and old to exchange tips with others, as well as share their experiences in studying architecture in college. The idea of the site is to pool advice from other people to serve as a one-stop resource site for everything architecture. You can also ask questions about being an architecture student to be answered by others.

Click here to visit the site and follow it to receive updates!


Words of advice from today’s top designers and architects

Architectural Digest released a massive list of architecture tips from top architects and professionals. Tips included in the list came from Annabelle Selldorf (Selldorf Architects), Jennifer Post (Jennifer Post Design Inc.), Robert A. M. Stern (Robert A. M. Stern Architects), and more! Click here to read the tips, all 100 of them!

Tips for Architecture School

Another Tumblr site, Tips for Architecture School contain advice for people going through design college. In particular, check out this post dedicated for students who think they don’t have what it takes to attend an architecture program in college. For more articles like the one above, visit their site by clicking here.

9 Architectural Photography Tips

If you’re into architecture and photography, then this post by Natalie Denton at Digital Photography School is for you. The basic tips featured in the post will give you an idea on how to use a digital camera to capture the beauty of architecture. Click here to read the entire article!

Tips for being an Architect AND a Regular Person

Once you become an architecture student, you will feel the drastic change in your lifestyle as you spend more time drafting and composing pieces for your course. This becomes even more evident when you start burning the midnight oil for consecutive weeks just to finish your requirements only to have realized that the semester just ended.

In this article by Bob Borson at Life of an Architect, it is possible to maintain a delicate balance of studying a demanding course like architecture while still functioning like a normal people in the world. Click here to read Bob’s tips on how you can do this.

Did we miss out on other posts that feature awesome architecture tips? Please share them by commenting below!

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