Premium Painting Lessons to Help Boost Your Portfolio

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Take any of these painting lessons available online to help you create a more proficient and diversified art portfolio that colleges can’t get enough of! stux / Pixabay

If you’ve already mastered hand-drawing basics, then you should consider taking up painting lessons next. This becomes more important if you’re building an art portfolio for college. It is ideal to showcase how good your hand-drawing techniques are, since it is one of the foundations of a great artwork. However, you can’t just fill up your portfolio with drawings, no matter how good each piece is.

One of the things that colleges look for from art applicants is the diversify of their skills. To increase your chances in getting into art school, you must show your proficiency in other artistic media, painting included!

In this post, we look at different painting lessons available online. Taking up these courses should help you develop your painting skills and create pieces for your portfolio. Click on the title to visit the site with painting lessons.

Simply Painting

Visitors can choose from the free lesson section that features one lesson and video and the Insiders lesson section that features unlimited lessons and videos. The free section won’t require users to register for the lessons. However, those who signed up for the Insiders section will receive a free e-booklets containing tips and tricks.

Painting Lessons Beginner to Advanced

Artist Richard Robinson offers over 40 video tutorials on how to paint using oil and acrylic. According to him, much of the focus on the videos will be given to seeing things, especially the relationships between color, texture, shape, and more. Learning this will allow students to create more proficient paintings to boast on their portfolio.

To receive the lessons, you must order it using PayPal or credit card. You will also have the choice to view the videos online or order the DVD.

Free Painting Lessons – The Virtual Instructor

The Virtual Instructor has been a reliable source for online art lessons. In this section of their source, they feature almost a hundred free painting lessons using oil, acrylic, pastel, and and watercolor. If you have finished these courses, you can move on to their premium courses, Pastel Landscape Mastery and Oil Painting Mastery, to further your knowledge and skills on how to do painting in the best way possible.

Watercolor Painting Free Lessons and Tutorials

The site contains a wealth of free painting lessons such as step-by-step paintings, learnings, and more. There’s also a section on drawing for those who need to brush up their knowledge on how to draw the right way. Lastly, there’s an Artist Spotlight section that features some of the best painters using different media. The posts here should inspire you to make the best painting possible for your portfolio.

Painting Prowess: Make your first masterpiece in oil, acrylic, or watercolour

Painting Prowess - Painting Lessons

This course is part of the Drawn to Success Portfolio Building Boot Camp. Taught by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot, Painting Prowess is designed to specifically help high school students with aspirations of applying to art school by developing their painting skills using different media. Also, unlike other courses, Karen encourages to express the creativity of students by using traditional and non-traditional methods in painting their artworks.

Painting Prowess will take place on July 7 – August 11, 2014 at Karen’s studios in Guelph, ON.

If you want to get into art school, then you must take this course and create a winning art portfolio – click on the BUY NOW button now!

If you want to find out the other courses available at the Drawn to Success Portfolio Building Boot Camp, click here.

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