Personal Branding Tips for Art Students

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Personal Branding Tips for Art Students

Increase your chances of getting into an art or design program in college by following personal branding tips by renowned coach Raymond Aaron.

Being an art student isn’t all about skill and creativity. Yes, both are integral parts of becoming a professional artist, should students wish to go that route. However, an exceptional artist has the ability to express who they really are. Pablo Picasso is an artist because his paintings are unlike anything that anyone has ever created. His avant-garde approach to art has allowed him to brand his works as part of the Cubist movement.

In this case, it is important to be able to brand yourself through your artworks.

If you’re an aspiring art student, you will have trouble finding who you really are as an artist at this stage in your life. You may not have the necessary experience and skill to brand yourself. However, this should not prevent you from pushing yourself to explore your potential by learning and creating art.

Formal education will provide you structure on how to approach art a certain way, but it is your burning passion that determines what you can become as an artist!

In this post, we feature an interview video of Raymond Aaron, one of the world’s top success coaches, as he shares personal branding tips to help college increase their chances of getting into the best art and design programs.

Key takeaways

“The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot provides a supplementary video to emphasize on key points about personal branding tips that Mr. Aaron discussed above.

If you’re really interested in getting into an art or design school, here what you should do:

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