Why Should You Attend a Specialist High Skills Major Program?

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Why Should You Attend a Specialist High Skills Major Program?

If you’re still unsure on which course to take in college, then attending a Specialist High Skills Major course will help you find out.

One of the biggest obstacles that students face is the direction of their lives after they graduate from high school. Some see very little motivation to get high grades at school. As a result, they perform poorly at their studies, and it’s not because they have a hard time studying. More importantly, they will have decreased job opportunities in the future because their grades are not good enough to get them into college.

If you’re one of these students, what you need is help to determine your career goals and what you want to achieve in the future. This way, you know what steps you need to make on your way to your goals.

At Ontario, Canada, the Specialist High Skills Major program has provided an effective means to get students to figure out what to make out of their lives and set the bar for the future.

The Specialist High Skills Major, or SHSM for short, is a program for grade 11 to 12 student that exposes them to different career opportunities based off their hobbies and interests. From here, they can build and develop skills as taught to them by employees at the workplace. They will then have the information they need to make an informed decision for their future after graduating from high school.

SHSM has an Arts and Craft course for students with a passion for the arts. “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot has held a talk to their students about her portfolio assessment program and how important it is for them to have a “winning” art portfolio to ensure that spot at their choice of college. Below is the video of her talk:

For more information about the Specialist High Skills Major, click here.

Also, read the press release on her visit at the Specialist High Skills Major here.

I’ve decided to get into arts college. What should I do?

For aspiring art students, you’ll need to meet the requirements set by colleges you are applying for. Having an impressive grade point average is one thing. At art programs in college, however, you must focus on creating an art portfolio that best represents your creativity and skills.

We at PortPrep have covered this for you, as we offer coaching services, products, and art camps to help you improve your artworks and get you into the best art and design programs in college. With the steady hand of Karen Kesteloot, who has had years of experience as an art instructor, you are sure to receive proper guidance in improving your art skills.

If you already have an art portfolio in place, then let Karen review it for you…for FREE – no-strings attached! Just send over your portfolio through our FREE Portfolio Assessment page and wait for Karen to set up a video chat with you to discuss her suggestions.

Click here or on the banner below to sign up for her FREE Portfolio Assessment!

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