What People Think about the Best Landscape Architecture Programs

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What Students Think about the Best Landscape Architecture Programs

Find out which landscape architecture programs you should apply – check out this post and read what people online have to say about them.

For high school students who plan on studying landscape architecture in college, they must do their research on the best landscape architecture programs to apply for. One of the best ways of finding out a landscape architecture program that’s right for you, you are highly recommended to attend open houses and campus tours. This will give you a better understanding of the kind of education and culture in the particular university.

If you have scheduled upcoming college campus tours soon, read our articles listed below as they will help you prepare on what to expect from your college visits.

However, if you have nothing scheduled for now, you can always search for information online about universities and colleges that offer some of the best and most popular landscape design programs.

We at PortPrep have compiled relevant information online about landscape design programs in this post so you can make an informed decision on which program to take after you graduate from high school.

College Confidential

Known as one of the best online communities about college and universities in the US, College Confidential is your one-stop resources for opinions, reviews, and discussions about all things college. For information about landscape design programs, click on the link below to read what users on the site think of them.

Virginia Tech
Cornell University
Ball State University

Disclaimer: PortPrep does not necessary endorse the opinions expressed below. These belong to the users from College Confidential. To see where the opinions were lifted from, click on the link of each quote.

Virginia Tech

In response to the original poster (OP) who has a daughter thinking of applying to VT: I have a son who went through VT’s Land Arch program. Awesome experience there and he received a tremendous education. Their school of natural resources and environment is also one of the top in the country, so if she wants to take environmental courses to supplement her arch degree (or even minor in something dealing with the environment) she will take classes from some of the top educators in their fields. — click here for the source

Click here to learn more about the landscape architecture program at Virginia Tech.

Cornell University

“All the landscape arch courses at cornell are awesome. the cornell landscape architecture studio is probably the nicest studio out of any architecture or landscape architecture studio in a university. i have a considerable amount of freetime to do what i want. im pledging a fraternity and doing a club sport next semester. i usually spend the last few days before a final critique in the studio but during the normal week i have a lot of time and can go party three nights a week.” — click here for the source

“[A]s far as what the studio class is like it varies from school to school. i know for normal architecture they start you off doing a bunch of small design projects like designing cubes and such before starting you off on a project for a house or building. ive only been here a semester so ill go over what we did. for us, we started the semester with one huge project that took up the first half of the semester. our professor gave us a real design problem with a 120 acre site 45 minutes away. the site was old farm land and we had our clients who were converting it into a natural burial cemetery. there were a lot of restrictions and design problems regarding the site and it was an overwhelming but in the end rewarding project. mine came out very well.

“[O]ur second and final project was a local site on the cornell campus between Olin and Uris library and the clock tower. We had to redesign the plaza area. Mine also came out very well this time. i can post some pictures of them later.” — click here for the source

Click here for more information about the landscape architecture program at Cornell.

Ball State University

In response to the original poster (OP) who has a daughter thinking of applying to BSU: “From what I remember Ball State’s program has an excellent reputation and given the fact that it is in state, would be a super option. I remember seeing several ASLA awards go to Ball State student teams over the years. I don’t know much about Purdue. If she can look OOS without taking out a lot in loans, give Tech a serious look. Just keep in mind it is a very expensive major and it is 5 years for a BLA. Good luck to you both!” — click here for the source

Click here for more information about the landscape architecture program at Ball State.


Additional Resources

Aside from users at College Confidential, TheBestColleges.org has written an excellent piece detailing what the site believes are the best landscape architecture programs in college. Here’s the list:

  1. The Ohio State University
  2. Texas A&M University
  3. California State Polytechnic University
  4. Cornell University
  5. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  6. Louisiana State University
  7. University of Pennsylvania
  8. Kansas State University
  9. Purdue University
  10. University of Georgia

We suggest that you read this full article by clicking here. The post gives the overview for each school: curriculum, academic programs, and type of education, among many others.

Lastly, Education Portal offers its own list of the best landscape architect programs in college. While the overview for each program is not as thorough as the ones in TheBestColleges.org, the article nonetheless offers a different perspective as to what makes each school great, in addition to great resources to keep applicants well-informed on the landscape architecture programs to watch out for. Click here to read the article at Education Portal.

Conclusion: While all the information above should help you make an informed decision on which landscape architecture program to take soon, it is still better to continue searching for information on your own. As mentioned, attending campus tours is a great way to experience firsthand the college and the kind of education you will receive from them.


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