Watercolor Painting Tips

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Watercolor Painting Tips

Learn the best watercolor painting tips for all levels form the different online resources listed below in this article.

This post is part of Tutorial Tuesday, a series hosted by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot. Tutorial Tuesday aims to help students improve the artworks in their college art portfolio by teaching various hand drawing techniques.

Just like any art from, painting with watercolor the right way takes time. You have to learn about the different techniques used to achieve a particular effect using watercolor, and they’re never easy as they seem. However, sometimes it’s not the destination that’s most important, but the journey.

By enjoying the watercolor painting tips you will learn along the way, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation to this particular art form, which in turn will make you an even better artist!

If you’re a beginner in painting, then you’ve come to the right place! Below are resources to sites that offer some of the best watercolor painting tips to help jump-start your journey towards becoming a watercolor painter.

10 Watercolor Painting Tips for Beginners

About.com has been a reliable online source of information for a variety of topics. In this post, author Marion Boddy-Evans explains the 10 important things that beginners should now abut watercolor painting before even holding a brush. Below the article are more links about intermediate and advanced watercolor painting tips, so this resource should keep you busy for a while. Click here for the article!

Watercolor Painting and Projects

Dawn McLeod Heim, who’s also the author of the book “Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Realistic Watercolors,” features in her site a list of tips and advice on how she uses watercolor in her painting to produce the kind of effects she’s getting for her artworks. The site also has lessons that you can follow so you can really practice her tips. Click here to visit her site.

Watercolor Tips

Pinterest is a rich source of awe-inspiring artworks to help you get inspired creatively. In this board, user Susan Parker has compiled video and article tutorials on the web about watercolor painting, as well as examples of painting that were expertly made using watercolor. Click here to view the board and get inspired!

Terry’s Top Tips for Watercolour Artists with Terry Harrison

Terry Harrison is a professional painter whose well-versed in the use of watercolor and acrylic for his artworks. His vast experience through years of painting has allowed him to write books, record tutorial videos, and set up a website s aspiring painters can learn from him. Above is a video taken from his DVD tutorial video that details invaluable tips for watercolor painters. Also, if you like to learn more about Terry Harrison, click here.

How to tips and techniques for using Watercolors on Video

Jerry’s Artarama has been serving art lessons and tutorials for artists on all levels since 1968. In their website, you can view 50+ tutorial videos about watercolor painting tips. The videos include how to paint certain landscapes, how to put particular textures on your painted subject, and more! Click here to view the list of free videos you can view.

We at PortPrep have also made an article that teachers beginning painters the different techniques on how to use watercolor. The article also shows “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot about her experiences as a water color teacher for the Adult Education program at Guelph School of Arts. Click here to read our article!

However, if you want to drastically improve your painting skills, then you must enlist Karen’s caching services so she can teach you indispensable watercolor painting tips! Click here or on the banner below for more information!

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