More Drawing and Painting Tips for the Struggling Artist

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Learn how to paint using oil, acrylic, and watercolor, as well as draw using charcoal by reading the best online resources featured in this post.

For an artist to become successful, s/he must understand the principles behind a great artwork. Learning the artistry of creating each stroke of a brush or a mark of a pencil will allow them to unlock their true potentials not only as an artist, but as a lover of the arts.

If you want to improve your artistic skills, especially if you are a student looking to get into arts college soon, then let these online resources serve as your guide to becoming the artist you ought to be! Click on the title

Top 10 Acrylic Painting Techniques By Chris Cozen

Chris Cozen is an art teacher in Southern California and has authored books about acrylic painting techniques. In this post, Artist Network features ten of Chris’ best acrylic techniques that artists can use to create more compelling paintings. Tips include the behavior and interaction of colors with each other, correcting mistakes you’ve committed, and more!

Top 10 Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

If you want to make your oil paintings look professional, then this resource is for you! Marion Boddy-Evans of shares tips on how to make better artwork using oil painting. Advice includes laying your oil paints out on a palette, using linseed oil for underpainting, and others.

How to Draw a Charcoal Portrait From Start to Finish – The Easy Way

Charcoal drawing allows artists to create richly textured works that they can include as part of their art portfolio. If you need help draw a moody charcoal drawing, here’s a tutorial guide by Ronnie Tucker at Empty Easel. He narrates the different tools he uses, where he gets his black and white images online to draw, and the steps on how he draws using charcoal.

More resources:

How to Approach Watercolor Painting As a Beginner

Every artist become great when they start at the very bottom. Therefore, if you’re a watercolor newbie, then you have this post at wikiHow to read! This brief overview on how to use watercolor for your painting is filled with high-quality images to help give you a better idea of the directions. There’s even an embedded video at the bottom of the post, as well as tips and warnings that you should follow, to help you make the best watercolor painting possible.

More resources:

Take Your Paintings to the Next Level!

Media Matters

The Media Matters course will take place on August 5-7, 2014 (11am-5pm) at the PortPrep Studios in Guelph, ON and costs $175CAD.

It’s one thing to know how to paint and another to learn how certain color combinations work. The Media Matters: Express your ideas in colour media course will not only help you apply the right colors for your artworks. This is important especially before coming into arts colleges, where even the most skillful of art students have little to no knowledge regarding color theory.

The course is part of the Drawn to Success Portfolio Building Boot Camp that aims to help students boost their chances of getting into arts college by improving their artistic skills to help them create a winning art portfolio.

The Media Matters course will take place on August 5-7, 2014 (11am-5pm) at the PortPrep Studios in Guelph, ON and costs $175CAD.

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